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  1. News of the Wierd

  2. 6 GMail Accounts

    if skater and madjeff run out i have a bunch to give out as well, heck, if you want 2 gmail accounts ill give it to ya.
  3. I miss my DSL.

    you might wanna give www.dslreports.com a try. on the left click on the find link to look up different dsl companies in your area.
  4. any one know a good adware program?

    i highly recommend firefox as well, but if you must use IE, get the google toolbar, it does a decent job blocking popups as well. some other essential programs for finding and getting rid of adware and spyware are "adaware" and "spybot search and destroy" you can get both from www.hotfiles.com for free. between the three programs youll have near 100% protection from crap like spyware and such.
  5. Gaming computer

    getting a system together isnt all that tough, you can buy all your components at www.newegg.com ive put my computer together from that place. the best thing to do is look at the cpu you want to buy according to price/mghz (in that order). then you can go to www.tomshardware.com to look for reviews. then look for a good mobo, expect to pay between $75-$100 for a good one. then buy 2 sticks of 512mb ram of the highest speed your mobo supports, which will prolly be pc3200. buying 2 sticks of 512 is cheaper than buying 1 stick of 1024. then pick out your sound card, anything by creative or turtle beach is good. then buy your harddrives and cd/rw drive. by now youll have enough money left to select a vid card according to price, in order from cheapest to most expensive are the vid cards i recommend, radeon 9600 (cheapest but good enough for hl2 and doom3 on med settings) radeon 9800pro ( good fps and higher detail settings) nvidia geforce 6800GT (best deal of the 3 6800 series cards, dont bother witht he 6800 regular. and youll have screaming performance in all games) have fun and if you want more info just email me at joejoemonkey@gmail.com
  6. yes i see, excellent work! thank you thank you.
  7. $185,000,000.00

    i played halo2 last night, you can beat it in 2 hours, multiplay is pretty much the same with 2 new vehicles, a new gun or two and of course the dual wielding. but id say this is halo1.5 or more like a mod for halo. there is going to be a halo3 but for next gen consoles. if you have halo 1 and can live without playing halo on xbox live then i dont recommend it.
  8. ahhh i see. thank you for clearing that up for me. too bad there was no compatibility. good luck writing the new custom script, i know that youll have this problem licked. and when your finished what posts are new wont be a mystery. (im in a good mood so i thought id be a lil creative) thanks madjeff
  9. what am I doing now?

    possibly a power supply problem, maybe your hdd is shutting down for a split second. try unplugging your cdrom drives and other unessecary things and see what happens. maybe you should upgrade your powersupply? or at least all the connections are tight.
  10. perhaps you can crop the bottom half of the biohaz banner at the top of the page and cut the list of "latest news" in half so you can put a half window for latest forum posts?
  11. IM NEW

    i get this when i follow your link, "Sorry but your connection to our site has been terminated. This can happen to ensure your security if you have been inactive on the site for some time, or there may be a temporary problem with the page. To return to the home page of our site click below. If you were logged in before the connection was terminated you will need to log in again " maybe you can cut and paste the text from your screen? dont be too worried about your system though, i played it on a amd1.8 and geforce 3 ti200 with 512 ram, it was low detail but it was playable, but now i have my 1gig pc3200, gf 6800gt, amd64 3000+ and it is very pretty. still lags somethimes though. heh
  12. saitek x52 or x-45

    hmmm, i have no idea how to edit that post. i want to add the x36 to that list as well at $59.00
  13. saitek x52 or x-45

    pick one and write a sentence saying why you chose what you did. this paper will be due tommarrow and is worth half your quiz grade. also in case your wondering, you can buy the hotas cougar for 239.99 at amazon. i didnt put that on my list because its a lil too expensive.
  14. you should get loman, to tweak your settings and to make installing and uninstalling skins and such easy, you could get the zzzspace 6.2 soundpack, you can try the mods to make overcast less a graphics hog to give you better performance. (if you only get like 15 fps in the second a-10 campaign mission, this will prolly help alot). other than that dl all the skins you can find and try them out! btw if you have a skin you would really like to use in a campaign you have to open the mission editor, click on your plane (white square and under pilot should have "player" for the skill level) and then click payload, then a the bottom left corner youll see a drop down menu of all the skins you have installed for that aircraft, pick one, and save the mission and your set. theres prolly an easier way to do it though, maybe replace the name of an origional texture with the new one, but this is the most flexible i think. also, when i first started playing lomac, i played on custom difficulty, basically ace settings with padlock/views enabled but but missle accuracy at like 40-45%. it makes a big difference. then maybe after you get used to playing turn off labels, i never would have guessed turning off labels would make everything seem soo different. have fun!
  15. IM NEW

    what kind of system you got, scott?

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