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  1. Squiffy, what i did was i went to saitek.com for their latest drivers and i just did an automatic update! it actually has gotten me a little further now! now i can get a profile to load and the testing works however for some reason most of my commands arent doing what i told them too lol! the only thing that works so far that ive found is my flaps which i have programmed on my throttle stick d fire. engines start may work too i didnt check that but anything weapon related is totally BS! heres a screenshot of how i set it up! maybe im doing it wrong???????????????????
  2. ok so i got the right drivers and now my problem seems to be testing!! im attaching a screenshot here where i programmed the main trigger with the "spacebar" command to fire the cannon but when i go to test, nothing happens??? im very confused now lol.
  3. hey ruggbutt! so i made a profile in my sst software and then i saved it and it put it here C:\Users\Public\Documents\Saitek SD6 Profiles but when i go to "load profile" in the controls menu and i find that file and select to load it, its telling me that its an invalid path or file name or some bs like that! any help here? sorry for the massive noobish questions but this is frustrating me to no end.
  4. F-35 falling on the cutting block ?

    I must say the 35 to me was a total waste of time and money from the beginning!! the 22 is a fantastic extremely capable airframe and could have been modified to fit these other roles as well! this is pork barrell spending at its finest! the cost to build these aircraft is absolutely absurd! everyone knows if the government is paying the bill "add another thousand" or in this case another mill!
  5. So ive been doing a little research into some in home cockpit designs because i would love to take my flight simming to the next level! ive stumbled across some absolutely amazing stuff like this guy here or even this guy but alas im sure i could never afford the what i imagine to be 10 to 15 thousand dollars minimum for setups such as these! so i found this here http://www.flightcontrolsimulator.com/Cloudflyer.htm now i have seen there are quite a few types of these self induced motion cockpits out there and im wondering if anyone has any experience with these? is this the best one? do they work well? does it feel realistic at all? etc. etc. any info would be great thanx guys!
  6. well i guess im going to have to use my sst software even though i dont want to! ive just never had to use it before because ive never had a problem mapping my controllers out with the in-game settings menu's! i honestly am going to have to read through the tutorial on the sst cause i dont even know where to start lol! i believe you use the command that lomac has assigned such as if it says "fire main cannon" in the control settings then that is exactly what you type in the sst software for the button you wish to use correct?
  7. allright well as im still confused "lol" ill ask another question. why is it that my trigger is cycling through my weapons??? all i did was assign my trigger for cannon and my main weapons release as my top fire button but in game that fires my cannon "not my trigger" and my trigger toggles between stores ie. gun, rockets, dumb bombs etc. it makes NO sense. and when i go back to check my assignments to see if i meesed it up somehow it shows correct! as in it shows the button i want to use as the button that is assigned to perform that function! it seems as though fc doesnt care what im telling it to do its making up its own commands.
  8. So ive been flying with my saitek 52's for about a year now on FSX. I also had the old 45's for several years so im pretty familiar with saitek setups. I decided to buy the new lomac flaming cliffs 2 yesterday because i havnt played lomac in a long time. I of course went pretty much straight to the options and controller tab to set up my sticks and everything seemed to work as advertised until i started the game up!!! I had my trigger set up to fire the main gun on the a-10 but it was cycling through my weapons instead!! I had my main fire button set up to fire my missles "mavericks" but it was firing the cannon!!! now several times i went back into the settings and tried this over and over again finally giving up after about an hour and a half of trying different things! i should also add that it seemes im only having these problems on flaming cliffs!! if i play the original it seems to work just fine! that is changing controller set-ups anyway. this really has me stumped so any help will be appreciated!

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