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  1. How Did You Find OFF?

    YeeHaw!!!! You know theres bad days, good days, really good days and then theres great days.Today is one of those great days! Just got OFF out of the mail box.The adrenalan is pumping. Cold Brews are on the way including Warsteiner Pilsners. Time for Tbolin to get blasted out of the skies. Hey, on the campaigns I guess you get to choose to fly Allied or Central Powers right? What makes you decide? As for me, I am so amazed by Boelcke, Voss and the Richthofen brothers, what a treat it would be to be they're wingman! Thanks guys
  2. How Did You Find OFF?

    Thanks for the welcome matt, drinks on the house, but wait........ I thought Flyboys couldn't hit the bar until they had a kill, am I correct or am I intoxicated once again on Harley oil?
  3. Hey Wodin, Please don't stop giving advise! I just ordered BH&H and I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I may need (probably will need) help too and I promise not to bail out. I do have a question and I'm sure it's probably already been handled here, but here goes...... I have the ancient, measly little old Sidewinder joy stick. Will this work decently or should I start lookin for a better one? I really don't want a high tech, high priced one but maybe a middle of the road usable one...... any recommendations?
  4. How Did You Find OFF?

    I have just registered as a new member, have been following this website for a few weeks, I just purchased, recieved and installed CFS3 and I'm fixing to order BH&H and I'm so excited I can't see straight. I haven't felt like this since 2002 when I recieved CFS2 as a birthday gift and couldn't believe I could actually fly an f4u instead of just build plastic models. I also installed SDOE and really enjoyed the WWI download as well as WWI downloads with CFS2. Cody Coyote's mission builder tutorial has been an excellent tool and alot of really good people make CFS2 continue to upgrade and carry on way past what I believe was expected. I also believe that enthusiasm is present in OFF. I know that too few movies and simulators of WWI aviation are available (my favorite movie "The Blue Max") and now I'm looking forward to being shot up to pieces in BH&H.

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