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  1. Me too, it seems like I can test YJ-82 missiles from Insky forum (commie missile for commie ship, not a bad idea at all, hehehe)
  2. Rafale B Flight Model Beta 1

    Thanks, guys. hope the completed version will be released soon.
  3. [Fictional] Dassault-Breguet Sagette (Arrow)

    I love your idea of switching the side for those birds (makes me to imagine a US Air Force MIG-21 fighting a Soviet F-104...) I always considered that the collaboration between western and Soviet aircraft designers will create a perfect fighter jet for everyone.
  4. DH Sea Vixen FAW.1 & FAW.2

    Simply impressive...
  5. Royal Navy Skyraider Mk.1 (What If..)

    Thanks, love it.

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