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  1. Dr1 HARD FM - Firecage

    Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find this model of the plug-in?This is not responsible for it, why do you put this aircraft in here without LOD?
  2. CVN Ulyanovsk

    Well, this has been shared, but still thank you.The aircraft carrier is very good, but not built service haha,
  3. Sikorsky HH-60H Rescue Hawk

    Where is the LOD!!!
  4. I know what is the STT radar. But in the game ,if other fighter can‘t use the TWS radar multi-target attack ,their TWS radar and STT radar function are the same?
  5. Hi,Guys, I heard that SF2 can lock on multiple targets simultaneously, Is it true? In reality, TWS radar multi target attack, it can SF? If not, then why is there STT radar set in AVIONICS.INI?
  6. TOP GUN mod

  7. china- SA341B_AH-1

    This into the display model, only a few weapons are suspended in the above, be sure to return the modified.

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