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  1. MOD Help! (Gun's don't work.)

    I dont know how to edit my posts, so I'll just say that Peter's FM's fixed everything! :P WHo knew? Now my only issue is why the ALbatross D III explodes everytime I try to fly it. (As soon as I load the airfield I get the sensation of dropping, and then BOOM mission over. :p One thing at atime eh?) Thanks for the help!
  2. A Nieuport 28 campaign - sim by sim

    Can I just say this is an AWESOME topic? It got me to re-install OFF alongside my beloved FE2. ;) Great job! Beautiful eye-candy, and thrilling descriptions, thanks for putting all of this together! Had a blast reading.
  3. MOD Help! (Gun's don't work.)

    Oh! and yes I ALWAYS fly hard. I try to make the game as 'simmy' as possible. As for my gunnery, I do start shooting about the same time as you do, based on that second picture. I think I may have to do some more testing. I do need to download Peter's FM's, but I remember something making me nervous, and I do believe it was that gunner issue. While I don't fly 2 seaters often, I hope it doesn't gimp the AI two seaters? and does it affect the Stock planes? The microstutter seems like an FM issue in retrospect. I only remember it a couple times, and the whole plane seemed to be doing it. Again, probably because I don't have Peter's FM's. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hello! Been flying FE2 ALOT recently. While I'm having a blast, I remember downloading a mod campaign called 'Bloody April 1917' a while back. I found those files, (including the required planes) and promptly installed everything. Now it all works great... except for a few things. First, to anyone who flies the Sopwith Pup/Triplane and Bristol, do you have to push forward with your stick to get the aircraft to take off? I normally only have to apply slight rudder or aileron (sp?) when taking off with the stock planes, but those aformentioned planes simply will not take off unless I lower the nose of the aircraft. Is this intended? I seem to remember Rise of Flight doing something like this, but I have never encountered anything like it in FE2. Second, my guns don't do damage in ANY of the 1917 planes. The Noopie 17, Spad 7, Triplane, and Pup have all done several missions where I got behind my target and was putting out a whole lot of lead... and nothing. The mission results screen always shows something like 600+ fired and ONE hit. :\ I can't figure it out, am I missing some sort of file? The gun does a firing animation, but there are no tracers. Third. Not really sure how to describe this, other then micro-stutter. You see when I get hit in the engine, or my plane stalls, or when I'm firing, my plane starts to stutter around, or 'warp'. Its very odd. Its much more noticeable in third-person. It also occurred when I was trying to take off, and didn't know about putting the aircraft's nose down. I've no idea what to make of it. I'm pretty sure I followed the DL instructions perfectly, but this sure has me stumped. Sticking with the stock campaigns for now, as they run perfectly. :)
  5. Favorite bird?

    So what's everyone's favorite plane? Stock, modded, whatever, just curious what everyone flies! I've always LOVED the Spad 13, and fly it in every WW1 sim I own. I've also always been a fan of the various Albatrossi, but surprisingly I REALLY enjoy flying the Dr. 1 in FE2. For modded planes I like the Spad 7, Noopie 17 and Sopwith Pup. What plane do you guys like the most and fly the most?
  6. Bloody April Mod help

    O_O So. My problem was a simple 's' Thank you! I have no idea how I overlooked this! This is my first time installing mods, but I swore I did it right. You just made my day! Works great now!
  7. Ok. Gonna make this fast since I have to run. 1. I HATE FE2's modding. Its an utter nightmare to get setup properly, by far and away the most difficult game I've ever come across for simply installing mods. 2. I want to install Bloody April 1917 from this very website. I installed Flanders terrain + all the required aircraft, and then I flew all of the aircraft in single missions. Everything else is installed properly within the mod folder of FE2 (I'm on windows 8 but the directory should be the same as 7 in the 'saved games' folder. Here's my problem. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to launch the Bloody April campaign. It doesn't show up under the campaign list at the menu. I'm certain I have it installed right since I installed it at the same time as all of the planes and the Flanders terrain. Any ideas? I put the BloodyApril1917 folder's contents in the 'Campaigns' folder in my mod folder. Is the Campaigns folder supposed to be in another sub directory? What am I doing wrong? Everything works fine but the darn campaign itself! :(
  8. FE2 Mod HELP

    I guess I didn't look at it that way. It is very easy to get frustrated with modding, and trying to figure everything out. I am happy that the game has mods at all, as it blows my mind how much the community has added to FE2. I should think of it as 'saving' in comparison to say.. ROF. Also, thanks for all your help Panama and Lima, really making this whole process a heck of a lot easier. Thanks for taking the time to answer. :) S! I have one final question in regards to campaigns. I downloaded Bloody April 1917. It gives a list of planes I should download. Now, I'm a tad bit confused on one thing, what if there are multiple files with the same plane? I.e. different authors and whatnot. Which one should I download? Or does it not matter? The author of the campaign suggests skunkworks, so I might give them a try since they only have 1 model per. Oops, and in regards to Peter01's FM's, you don't need ALL the planes to have it working yes? I can just have the stock planes and a few more, and it will still work properly?
  9. FE2 Mod HELP

    I have to say, these forums are EXTREMELY irritating. While I am sure there is a good reason for not allowing people to edit their posts an hour or so after they post them, I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. Solved my Peter01 FM issue, although I would like to add, a little warning that you can only download so much a day, would be nice.
  10. FE2 Mod HELP

    That is interesting. I never saw it that way, but it makes sense. Although I did notice that the menu replacement mod doesn't work as advertised. Case in point, when installed it shows up fine, but won't let me start a career. So Im not sure if that is a mod thing, or a difference between the two games. Also. How do I tell which Peter01 FM is the latest? Lastly. I never did figure out that hat switch issue. Is it not customizable? (I want to speed up panning views in game. The kind you control with a hat switch or trakc Ir.)
  11. FE2 Mod HELP

    This is why you dont do things at 3 in the morning! Problem solved. If a mod could delete this that would be great. :)
  12. FE2 Mod HELP

    Hello everyone! I'm completely at a loss here. FE2 just doesn't seem to be moddable. I keep seeing threads about mods, and there is a download section, but mods just wont work on my x64 Windows 7 system. As an example. Guitarclassic55's replacement menus are in the right location, and I have followed the install to the letter, but the game still launches as default FE2 http://combatace.com/files/file/6685-guitarclassic55s-replacement-menu-screens-with-movie/ I never see any new menus. Is it not compatible with Fe2? Sorry for being new. :) (Also. How in the heck do I speed up the pan speed for the view? My hat switch is great and all, but the in-game pan speed is stupidly slow. Any ini settings for this?) Thanks for your time!
  13. Two Seaters

    Ah thanks for the replies! I was worried it was me. Since I took such a beating, Ive put my two-seater fetish on the back-burner for now. To be frank, this game doesn't pull its punches! Ive started a new camp. ( I seem to be going through recruits at a rather disturbing rate...) Ive decided to give a new aircraft a try, rather the Se5a. I chose her for the simple fact, that in other sims, I tend to do fairly well in her. After a rather disheartening Camel experience, I decided enough was enough with this darned game! The gloves have come off. Choosing the famed 56 squadron, I started on April 1917. Naturally, I would like to spin some tales, and show you guys some great screenshots, but the game has thrown in the towel! I just realized I'm in the UK, flying out of Walmer airbase. Ive had 3 patrols and not a single enemy spotted. Which is a shame, as I'm dying to get into the war. Is it just a bad time for 56? Where they doing a training thing at that time or something? I see Albert Ball has more then a few kills, so I assume the enemy is ..somewhere.. On a different note, being a complete nubbins, I've started to improve my technique at basic flying. I fly fairly well in other sims, and this sim seems to have a learning curve of its own. (I'm looking at you Noopie family. Horrid, beastly machines. >:|) My landings are MUCH better then they used to be, and its quite nice not clipping trees on the approach to the landing field. (Oh Matthew, I will miss you. How was I supposed to know trees are solid objects? I thought they where just pixels! ...sadly... a pup wing catching a tip doing 95 doesn't end well.) Which brings me to my current question. What, oh what is this thing in the lower left corner? I think is a graphical glitch, but Im not sure what kind. Ill try turning the settings down in the mean time. I'm flying a fully patched install of Between Heaven and Hell. I assume this isn't an issue in Hat in the Ring? Or is it specific to my machine?
  14. Two Seaters

    So, after trying 4 pilots, and their respective planes(Spad 13, Sopwith Pup, Sopwith Camel, Noopie 17) I got the urge to try out an allied two seater. I chose a Bristol F2b in 1918. By some horrible misunderstanding, I was placed in command of my first flight, and told to down an air balloon. Naturally, I was unprepared. As we approached the air balloon, two flights of Pfalz quickly approached. In a panic I pressed 'A' and then dove for the balloon. It was then that I realized my primary gun wasn't firing! What is that target for if the gun doesn't work? Or am I missing something? Also, how does the gunner in the Bristol work? His AI seems ... iffy at best. I flew level, and made sure they where ALL on my six. (not by choice mind you.) and he let out maybe two bursts before just .. giving up. Needless to say, I was shot down, and held until the end of the war. Any of you folks have 2 seater tips? Or some advice for my pacifist gunner? thanks in advance!
  15. Oh wow! Fantastic flying! I was actually worried when you about took out that Alb with your propeller a few minutes in! I havn't actually played yet, but that was some pretty inventive rocket usage. I counted 3 downed, but it was hard to tell at some spots. Are you flying a Noopie? (My best guess anyway) I have no idea what the stock game is like, but this mod looks fun. :) Congrats on a successful mission btw! (One where you make it home.)

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