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  1. My Uncle passed away this morning.

    Hey Navy Chief, So sorry to hear of your heavy loss. It is funny how all us Sailors are connected together, down through the ages. I guess that is what makes our Service so great. When my Dad passed away, 4 years ago, I felt so connected to him, as a fellow Sailor and shipmate. It was sureal and surprisingly a comfort, that I had that connection with him. He was a 4.0 Sailor and a brave UDT man. He participated in the amphibious landings at Iwo Jima and Okinowa. Hang tough Shipmate; you have so much support. Fair Winds and Following Seas, boomer714 Jim Roos; former ET1(SS/SW)
  2. Thanks Raptor. I kinda put the cart before the horse. Seems that the path to the PF directory was already in there, so I just hit next. Merry Christmas, Jimbo, boomer714
  3. Hi Everyone, Short and simple; Is the install path for patch 3.01 to C:\Program Files or is it C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Pacific Fighters? Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! boomer714
  4. Hi Again, Does anyone out there have any insight into how to more effectively use trim in PF? Can you fine tune the amount of trim that you are applying? What button/POV do most people have trim mapped to? Thanks, boomer714
  5. Hi Everyone, I am kind of new to PF and would like to install the patches that have come out. I understand that there is a 3.01b and 3.02b patch. Which one should I load? I tried 3.02b, up to the point of where it shows the patch to install to. It just says C:\Program Files? Is this where I install it to or should it be to the Pacific Fighters directory, within the Ubisoft directory? Also; do I need to install patch 3.01, before 3.02 or just the latest patch? Thanks in Advance, boomer714
  6. U.S. Marine Corp

    Hey lexicon, Them NAVY Special Warfare guys are pretty tough themselves; I am talking about the Navy's SEALs and all those that came before them; NCDU and UDT teams, Scouts and Raiders, EOD, etc. Us old Navy Vets are just having some fun. Please do not take it personaly. My Daddy was a UDT frogman and fought in the Iwo Jima and Okinowa campaigns. My older Cuz was a Marine Foward Observer in Vietnam. I am a proud Cold Warrior, having made many patrols on submarines. I have also worked for and with Marines. The important thing these days is Navy/Marine teamwork; Forward from the Sea. boomer714
  7. COOL BUFF, I will try your suggestion tonight; I am sure it will work. Thanks a Bunch, boomer714, Jim
  8. Hi Folks, I have been using a cool Landing/Trap mission to practice with. The catch is that it was designed using the F-4 and the F-8 aircraft only. I would like to change this mission so that I can use an A-4 SkyHawk to practice with? Can I do this with the SfpQmd or sfme mission editors? I tried, but don't see how? Can anyone shed some light on this and is it even possible? Thanks, boomer714, Jim Roos
  9. U.S. Marine Corp

    Hey Guys, I feel guilty about my Marine bashing; are there any Puddle Jumpers in the House? Jim
  10. U.S. Marine Corp

    OK Fellas; I got to get in on this. I just want to say hello to my Sea Service buddies and let them know that the best Marine is a Submarine and the sailors that man that Boat. It is always nice to have a Marine around, when you need a Sea Going Bellhop to carry a sailors Sea Bag. Glad to help Chief! former PO1, Submarine and Surface qualed; Fair Winds and Following Seas Jim
  11. Hey You All, I was just wondering if there are any squadrons/air wings out there, to join or is it still to early? boomer714
  12. Hi to Everyone, In all my playing of Strike Fighters P1; I have never been able to get the chaff, flares, or jam to work? Do any of these aircraft have these functions that are supposed to work and how? Thanks, Jim
  13. Hello All, I always wondered why the afterburner comes on at 70% open throttle, on most aircraft that are have one? Shouldn't the AB come on around 95 to 100%. If this is so; is there a way I can change this in one of the Strike Fighter files? Thanks in Advance, Jim

    utley, I think that you misunderstand me; it is only 5 or 6 files that I am talking about. Jim

    Hi Shadow XP, Not nuts; just very frustrated because I can't change the skins on my aircraft, any of them! I will do as you say, but what is the proper program to associate with those cdds files? Thanks for your help. This would be the ones that show up in windows explorer. Jim

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