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  1. I sincerely hope its ok to start off here with Screenshots Pol, WM and Erik? if not il remove them immediately thanks.
  2. MODS release

    Fantastic skins Jerhear ..and Buckeye a fantastic mod. Thanks to you both on your continued work that must take dozens if not hundreds of hours to complete..cheers lads.
  3. Wings Over The Reich Dev News

    Nice one Pol, I’m really looking forward to what you guys are bringing in the next expansion
  4. Out of the loop...

    Speedy recovery Troops, hopefully you’ll be back in the cockpit very soon pal.
  5. Lieutenant Harry Bellingham 5 RFC flying out of Abeele Aug 1915. Another recon mission this time with Sargeant Peter Cutting and his Obs to photograph Troop movements... There's a bit of cloud up i hope it won't hamper our mission Archie opens up on us and i struggle to maintain my height and keep my wings level. But manage to get my camera working.. Both make it home unscathed and fingers crossed that the photographs taken will be of some use. Mission a success, 2 of the photos were good enough..time for a good stiff drink in the mess
  6. Recon Wars.. Lieutenant Harry Bellingham 5 RFC flying out of Abeele Aug 1915. Photo recon of enemy troops, no enemy encountered and a unsuccessful mission (3 blurred 1 overexposed, and 1 wrong location ) and...im having an absolute blast flying recons etc. Bloody fantastic job lads.
  7. OFF reinstallation

    Hi Socrate what version of OBD,S sims are you trying to get to work pal..OFF,? WOFF (PE, UE) ..or the newer BHAH II? It might help us members if we know what version you’re flying, you’ve mentioned on another thread about WOFF and here OFF is being mentioned, Polovski replied regarding a possible Antivirus issue which you acknowledged.?..tbh I’d be surprised if anyone could help if it’s an older OFF (p3 HITR) installation but you never know. Best of luck and hopefully someone will be able to help.
  8. MODS release

    Fantastic stuff cheers pal.
  9. Bloody fantastic shots VonS
  10. Absolutely brilliant stuff, even though I don’t fly the DiD campaign I absolutely love your reports shots and videos gentlemen. Thank you.
  11. Brilliant skins, cheers mate.
  12. MODS release

    Thanks too Robert for your consolidated facilities mod and also to Jerbear for the brilliant skins..cheers lads.
  13. Couple more from my latest campaign ..were getting the DH4 any day soon.
  14. What a Shot Seb, beautiful mate.
  15. OBD,S Patch 1.20 using a variety of mods (Roberts mods,Jerbears excellent skinpacks, and BB,s brilliant OCM 4.2e )
  16. Optional Cloud Mod 4.0 Update

    Awesome work mate.
  17. Wings Over The Reich - News

    Haha Cheers Pol..looking good mate.
  18. Wings Over The Reich - News

    Any snippets for us Pol / WM .?
  19. Glad you’ve got WOTR sorted mate, RJW,s brilliant mod can backup your pilots troop..Hopefully BHAH II will go smoothly
  20. Yep I’ve copied /pasted loads of games sims over in the past Troop. Steam especially is good for that, I’ve certainly had issues in the past just copying Woff etc..I remember moving PE and then trying the latest patch that came out .it wouldn’t find the Woff directory my honest opinion mate, I’d save any mods in a folder maybe backup any pilots ect and totally nuke the existing install. Reinstall from scratch and patch up, reinstall mods. Bit of a ball ache but possibly less mithersome in the long run. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted. Hopefully Pol il see you’re post and give his thoughts mate..best of luck
  21. Reinstalled there or just moved them mate. ? if moved then I’m certain there’d be a issue with windows registry, I’ve recently done exactly the same thing with BHAH II last month but reinstalled instead of moving. ..I can remember moving PE from my D drive to my E drive (expansion) a couple of years ago..It wouldn’t run, so I reinstalled to the E drive and had no issues.
  22. Pilot Log Editor

    Cheers Jara, great stuff mate.
  23. Consider the Loop . . .

    Very generous of you Busdriver, it’s been a while since I participated over there but I found the generosity of many people to be 1st class. I’ve been gifted and have gifted back everything from full packs to individual planes..Very best of luck to all who participate .
  24. You're most welcome mate, looking forwards to a updated OCM and i'd love to see what you come up with regarding any other work on the sim.. Here'sThe Viper, again showing of some incredible clouds. ( 2 different campaigns, same shitty weather )

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