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  1. Don't forget the hour of completely new music for Woff: Gold (3), it alone is worth the price tag. Woff 3 will probably be my last ww1 soundtrack for a while, I too have been at this for a long time, since P2. Even with big anniversaries coming up, and despite my soundtracks for woff/off and 'rise of flight', game and film producers are still reluctant to ask me to do things , so no more ww1, but it has been a blast.
  2. OFF Forum Pilots Maps

    I'm, in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Woff Dev I think best categorises me.
  3. WOFF overpriced. Is it just me?

    no, not in the slightest.
  4. WOFF overpriced. Is it just me?

    $70 or around £30 was the standard price for games in the 90s. add inflation and various other costs, it should be a lot more, you're getting an absolute bargain. the majority of people will pay 1-3 cents per hour of gameplay. about 300 times cheaper than a typical title.
  5. acceptance speech in process. Lou, you should write for the onion.
  6. 100 Years Ago...

    I agree it's too much. As it was in 95, celebrating the end is a much better option, celebrating hope for a better future rather than highlighting the start of a long gloomy period of death and despair However, I would like to see some companies making some documentaries, games, films etc about it over the coming years, followed by the main celebrations in 2018, that would benefit a lot more people.
  7. very dissappointed!

    automatic frequency scaling (turbo mode) is standard in virtually all post 2010 processors and GPUs. keep a close eye on the temperatures to ensure longer unit life (I set 50 C as the ceiling for mine, and use a lower voltage for the cpu.)
  8. anywho, on a preview related matter these are getting better and better. keep them coming.
  9. yea, that's getting to be annoying. A little research is always a good idea. I am not an actor, i'm a composer. For those of you who use the imdb, i am Matt Milne number 1.
  10. WOFF Release Date Is On The Calendar!

    surely me winning an oscar should be on there, how about between entropy reversing and never.
  11. this is fascinating. I suddenly feel very green in comparison. in a minority as usual, at 26.
  12. Thoughts about P4

    unfortunately if you keep adding to the list of features the product never gets finished. At some point a line has to be drawn under the core features, with the rest left for expansions or future releases.
  13. ah the joys of the modern industry. if there's a hosting company that is likely to still be in business 10 years from now, we should find it. Though i still love combat ace, can't we move back here?
  14. Cinemaware's Wings!

    oh dear god no. The most difficult thing about scoring woff was avoiding clichés. But there's plenty melody there, as wings has.
  15. Cinemaware's Wings!

    Great, excellent news.

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