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  1. Thanks again for the warm welcome. Like I mentioned before, I started flight simming back when Microprose created F-17 Stealth Fighter.. I think I own every flight sim out there since. A few years back when OFF was in beta I downloaded that first free version as I had CFS3 in my collection. Well it hammered my PC, Blue screens, re-boots you name it. So it left a sour taste in my mouth... But - I have been following the development cycle (I'm a software developer by trade) and have seen some remarkable accomplishments with each release. That and the fact I really wanted to get a WW1 sim, made me give it another go... Hence - I'm hooked now....
  2. I can see why.... not to poo-poo Rise of Flight, but I feel this sim was done the right way... totally immersive.... soooo many kites to fly and so little time.. looks like I'll be transitioning from an F-105 ( I have WOV YAP2 which is awesome as well)... to a SPAD... nice Wow I didnt realize I joined so long ago (the forum) my member number is 68... go figure- ha)
  3. Hey Thanks a lot for the warm welcome guys.. been simming for many many years but this is just classic... classic.. btw I live outside of Cleveland Ohio USA.....
  4. Just got BHAH a week or so ago after being totally turned off by Rise of FLight... that was probabaly the best thing that could have happened. This sim is just fantastic... I so love the musical score they've added. I watch the intro video every time I play and listen to that wonderful muscial score.
  5. Thanks for the Reply Mack.... just wanted to make sure it wasn't a bug.......
  6. yeah I have the same issue... flying a mission , get shot to pieces when I hit the ground or get close to it rather than seeing my mangled corpse laying there I get kicked out of the mission immediately and puts me back to the mission debrief... doesn't abend, it's like it skips the crash and immediately ends the mission... Vista 64 bit SP1 4GB RAM... could this be a Vista issue?
  7. Hi all.. which folder does this (COMMS MOD - speechsystem.ini ) file go in??... SPeech or System subfolder?... WOE tks
  8. Hi all, I tried that staging thing...... but now that I see that it's a no-no, how do I revert back to the "Non-Staging" access to Gamespy ???? would I substitute a "0" instead of a '1' at the end of that string command ???

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