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  1. Instant Karma...it's a beautiful thing :)

    Cats are Tigers in miniature ~~~~~~
  2. DDG-1000 Zumwalt class destroyer

    WOW ! The quality of this mod is beyound my expectations !!! thanks~~~
  3. Su-7 "FITTER-A" Super Pack

    Nice job!
  4. img00018

    I wonder what this is ... (img00018) ...
  5. hoping one day the peacekeeper may once again back into the air ! The B-35, I think,is much more magnificent and elegant than the B-29 ! And indeed much more poweful ...
  6. Hey CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News!

    This is so called propaganda ... You westerners can not hide from it too ... Better put up with it ...
  7. but the migs can get airbone even if the runway had been bombed out?only take them out can stop them from get into the air???
  8. well 。。。 hoping this is a new 3D modle 。。。and i really like the agile falcon concept 。。。thanks a lot Dels !!!
  9. Can I say that you mean a whole map of the world is unde development ?
  10. May be cocas should speed up the work on the M4K ! Looking forward to it ! Thanks !
  11. That's awesome ! But I wonder if this can be done on the TW's F-14A ...
  12. Will there be new pit to the M4K? Besides ,there should not be any takeoff-flaps on any mirages 。。。

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