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  1. Thats cool, but...the music takes away from it a bit. I'd rather just hear the game sounds...
  2. 113 signatures. Can UBI really ignore this?
  3. I would say sign the petition and send em all emails. Hehe. Link the petition too. :) http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...mac_gd&id=zvliq "Maybe the petition, or individual E-Mails, should be sent to Ubisoft PR people world-wide, someone other than the usual suspects should here of our plight re: the Demo. If you do mail them, please please keep it polite and to the point. These are people who may be able to help - if nothing else we will get noticed. May I suggest we use a consistent E-Mail subject - something like 'Delay of Lock On Demo'? Here are some address... Lidia Stojanovic - lstojanovic@ubisoft.co.uk (UK) Yarnick Theler - ytheler@ubisoft.ch (Switzerland) Vincent Paquet - vpaquet@ubisoft.qc.ca (Canada) Milena Barreto milenab@ubisoft.com.br (Brazil) Emamnuel Carre - ecarre@ubisoft.fr (France - PR Manager) Stephanie Magnier - smagnier@ubisoft.fr (France - Corp.Comms) Anja Zeug - anja.zeug@gamebusters.com (Austria) Alberto Coco - acoco@ubisoft.it (Italy) Sandra Melero - smelero@ubisoft.es (Spain) Evelyn de Vooght - edevooght@ubisoft.be (Belgium) Marcel Keij - mkeij@ubisoft.nl (The Netherlands) Martin Hulberg - mhulberg@ubisoft.dk (Denmark & Norway) Martin Hulberg - mhulberg@ubisoft.dk (Sweden & Finland) Niels Bogdan - niels.bogdan@ubisoft.de (Germany) Stefanie Lange - stefanie.lange@ubisoft.de (Germany) Alexis Godard - agodard@ubisoft.co.ma (Morocco) Sebastien Delen - sdelen@ubisoft.ro (Romania) Lu Jia Qi - LuJiaQi@ubisoft.com.cn (China) Keith Chan - KeithChan@ubisoft.com.cn (China - HK) Jun Kazumi - jkazumi@ubisoft.co.jp (Japan) Owen Hughes - ohughes@ubisoft.com.au (Australia) Jennifer Lansman - jlansman@ubisoft.fr (Worldwide) Maud Coiffet - mcoiffet@ubisoft.fr (Worldwide) Matt." and Bit upset at UBI's decision? Let em know it. Ubi Soft Entertainment Attn: MARKETING DEPT 625 Third Street, 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 547-4000 UBI SOFT Entertainement Communication Financière ATTN: Yves Guillemot, President and CEO 28 rue Armand Carrel 93108 Montreuil-sous-Bois Cedex Tel.: + (33) 1 48 18 50 00 Fax: + (33) 1 48 18 52 82 Or by e-mail: comfi@ubisoft.fr This is howmany Million's of Euro's your worth.. Let them know that your not a happy camper! http://www.finance.ubi.com/en/chiffres/Company.htm
  4. a leak would be awesome..errr..DO IT, no one will ever find out! :-P
  5. Check out signature number 591, snicker
  6. Yea, ir eally feel bad for Eagle Dynamics. UBISoft.....ugh is all i can say.
  7. Signed and done. Here is the direct link. http://www.petitiononline.com/lomac/petition.html
  8. "The interactive demo for Lock On has been completed and will be made available online in October of 2003. The demo will allow players to try their hand at flying the A-10A "Warthog" and the MiG-29A "Fulcrum." In addition to being available on the official Lock On website and several mirrors, it will also be available in December issues of several popular magazines like Computer Gaming Magazine, Computer Gaming World, and PC Gamer. While we very first considered releasing the Lock On demo earlier, given the postponement of the game's release, it has been decided it would be best to release the demo in October to ensure a better support to the project." OMG AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....sniff....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...cough, cough........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I knew this was gonna happen...lol. You're right, they need a new PR dept.
  9. No, don't get me wrong, i agree. I'm just saying why the crap is going on, and to a certain point it is understandable. Must be cause im coming from teh wwiionline boards where the dev team is jsut as active, if not more, with the playerbase
  10. hahaha, nice! how realistic is it that an A10 can take off from that?
  11. Yea, i heard something about an f18 upgrade or add-on? But im assuming that is still a while away...
  12. sig

    wonder why my sig is like 2 spaces from the bottom..hmmm

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