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  1. Anyone else watch Mail Call on History Channel?

    I missed the "Live from the Gulf" when it <i>was</i> live, on Sunday...fortunately, the rerun was today, and the show kicked ass!! Of course, that's what Gunny does best - "Takes Q's, Kicks A's!!"
  2. Hey, I know everybody (including me) is anxious for the next Service Pack, or patch, for SF....but does anybody remember another game that people kept pushing, and pushing to get....I believe it was called...um...Falcon 4.0??? Ring any bells?? Point is, I'm as anxious for the updates to SF as the next guy, but, patience is a virtue! (Especially if they get it right!)
  3. DME??

    Sdirickson, Looked in the main USAF directory, don't find it. :( I found a utility called "UME" in the missions subdirectory, but that's not what I'm looking for. :x Update: 2309 hrs: It turns out the UME actually holds the DME util - you have to change the execute line in the shortcut to read: "C:Program FilesJane's Combat SimulationsUsafResourceMissionsUME.exe" /DME O.K., so I found it again, but I still don't have the vaguest idea how to use it! :shock:
  4. DME??

    Ok....I've been playing USAF w/SuperPro for awhile now, and can't get three things changed - 1) Would like to enable my joystick 2) Would like to enter my own callsign 3) Would like to set my own graphics resolutions in game I heard about a utility called "DME" that would help set those options, but I can't remember where it is, or how to use it. Any help would be appreciated. :roll:
  5. TK, Here's an interesting one....if I change the default armament in the game before a Single Mission, the game crashes and reboots the computer. Specs: AMD Duron 900 w/256MB RAM 20 GB HDD DVD/CDRW Combo Drive (could this be part of the problem? Hercules Game Theater XP (w/latest drivers) Windows XP Home/SP1 Bob
  6. Weasel, I stand corrected.... :D What can I say....I'm just so excited about this sim, I lost my head! :roll:
  7. One word - VIETNAM! Flight sim fans have been screaming for an authentic Vietnam-era sim ever since sims began...I just picked this up today, and it looks like we may have our wish!

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