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  1. I have stills to be used for loading screens and pilot photos. I can get them to you bounder if needed
  2. Im still around able to help with whatever i can. I have all my files still
  3. Going to draft a request for assistance this weekend to see if we can get some help in furthering this along. Should I post the request in the Sc-Fi what if section? or should it go in the modding section? Where do you think is best?
  4. Im not quitting on this until it is done. Just hit a road block I suppose.
  5. Nothing new to report. I had a job interview I was hoping would go well but it did not. Ive been spending a lot of time searching so I havent been able to work on the music. But yeah we are going to need some serious help to put this all together. I hope we can find it!
  6. I think, the enemy tanks were t-62's im not certain though I will check. I need to convert some mp3s to wav's but after that, i have done the extent of things that i can do. We are going to need some additional help to make this go any further. We may need to make a post for help
  7. Great job Daniel. That looks great. Anyways to put A88 on the runway? heheheh The aircraft stalls looks perfect as well
  8. This is either going to be the greatest aircraft released for the series, or the greatest aircraft that never was and should have been in this series! What an amazing cockpit... I am in awe.
  9. I come bearing gifts! CRIMSON Here is an updated rar of screen caps to be used as menus (Also two great shots of Saki's emblem) http://rapidshare.com/files/208598367/menuscreens.rar.html COCAS I found some decent shots of the Manga that should help with the base http://rapidshare.com/files/208598368/basescreens.rar.html CRIMSON and COCAS I finished and tested the Pilot photos! They work great! Try them out! http://rapidshare.com/files/208598369/PilotPhotos.rar.html Crimson did you get a chance to check out the other song titles? If so eitehr you or I could start changing the to wav. Since you are working on teh menu it might make more sense if you did them locally, but i dont mind either way :) I have one more file link to post but its going to take a while to upload. I downloaded what should be all of the Aircraft we would need to use. I havent tested them all yet, and a few need to be reskinned. But it gives up the template of aircraft to work with. Then we need to make sure we can use the craft in the release. I will post the link in an edit. EDIT: Its over the 200mb Rapid share limit and I dont feel like splitting it up right now. I will get to the aircraft on Monday.
  10. On the A.I. flights on the Player side, does the A.I. pick the same aircraft as the player? For example if i pick Shins F-8 with unicorn are all my allied aircraft going to be the same plane?
  11. Tonight when i get home I will scour for more shots of the base to help you out. I have to have some more shots somewhere. Hmmm for the project outline, we really need someone who has done a total conversion before to lend us a hand. I have NO idea where to start, I only work on the small things that are a part of the bigger picture. We need... All Aircraft compiled, arranged, checked for issues, and some skins made (hopefully) Terrain Menus Menu Music Game Music Campaign (a series of missions based on your standard templates- Air to Air, Air to Ground, Escort, etc etc) Single Missions And putting it all together
  12. Well that works then. Going to be out of town for the weekend, so I wont get much done. I know Crimson has been busy in life lately so Im not sure what he has been up too. We should make an outline of things we need to do so we can mark them off one by one and also see how much help we are going to need
  13. I see....well it has to be randomly picked from a library of aircraft, so at least it will pick from aircraft that we want :) Am I correct?
  14. Can you specify individual aircraft to be parked in those slots?

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