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  1. oh and what do you mean by MFD page? Sorry, for beeing such a greenhorn...
  2. Really nice Pit. Where can I get it? Looks really great!! obligatory screenshot
  3. What you see on my pix is selfmade stuff --> terrain, hawx and effects. Gonna upload a big maxed out package soon. some more effects...
  4. HAWKS

  5. That cockpit looks great!!! Where can I get this? Is it downloadable? cheers! THUNDERBOLTS!
  6. New volumetric trees for my korea terrain...check it out!
  7. korea new trees

  8. It´s based on the KAW mod. But I changed all the objects and retextures the tiles.
  9. korea 3

  10. New Korean Terrain with some new textured birds...enjoy! This is all in Game!!! No Photoshop!
  11. Korea and Birds 2

  12. Hey Guys, I´m very interessted in creating my own terrain. Is there a Tutorial how to it works? Maybe something like this http://combatace.com/topic/37132-tutorial-de-creacion-de-terrenos-parte-2/page__p__571152__hl__tutorial__fromsearch__1?do=findComment&comment=571152 but in english? Which software are you using to edit terrains? Best
  13. Hello again, I tried to add some damage textures for the F-15E (04 ), but it doesn´t work. I got it work for the normal F-15E model,(both models are form the F15 Superpack), but somehow they never showing up at the 04 model. I tried everything. Need help plz. Best F

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