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  1. AMX-1 for SF2

  2. AMX-1 for SF2

    Brazillian AMX (local designation A-1A (Monoplace), A-1B(Biplace)) doesn't really HAVE a radar, but it will after it gets modernized (Embraer is curently working on it, first modernized aircraft will enter service in 2017(prevision)) but now, SF2: The airbrakes don't seem to be working on Brazillian version, and there is a paint scheme( used by two squadrons, Pantera (Panther) and Poker)that is not present in the release. Besides that, it's a great addition to your SF2 plane library Here are some pics of the paint scheme i was talking about, if anyone is in the mood for a request: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-s2ywy9nRRv4/TxQv912sDvI/AAAAAAAAJWA/9DFbhorp1-k/s1600/amx-a-1.jpg http://www.airliners.net/aviation-photos/middle/3/7/6/1038673.jpg http://www.aereo.jor.br/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/a-1-fab-21.jpg (biplace version) The aircraft with this paint scheme are at Santa Maria AFB, Southern Brazil (and the ones with the paint scheme included in this release can be found at Rio de Janeiro)

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