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  1. That and you have to know that 29 RWR was ratehr limited.. the SA is poor. regarding the russian missiles ranges... pure BS.. R27 max distance was 35km in case of target closing.. and that at high altitude.
  2. actually is not ... The IAR-93 design was done by INCAS Bucarest.
  3. hi the skin looks weird though.. the real plane is darker than that. In avionics... LancerA ... has basically no radar ... a darn Elta 2001 Range finding only... no fancy modes in that one
  4. Not for the lancer.. no need for the windscreen
  5. When the program started, R-77 was not in any invetory in the world and AIM-120 was too new to be sold to a non allied country which Romania was back then. If you want to talk about a possible BVR missile on lancer then you are talking about Derby. We spent all R-27 before retiring the Mig-29. Cost of the program was 300-400 Million $. Contraire to many thought , Elta 2032 has a long range for the size of antena that is packed in that little cone. Anyway the Lancers are close to their retirement from our air force :((. New stuff is coming, no one ever know what, Ro Mod announced the amount of money that are available alone for Airforce acquisition (5 Billion Euros for fighters, air-air and air-ground ammo) and the need was for at least 48 new multirole planes.
  6. Dave I think you forgot to mention C5 and Fubar... Without them... that FoxBat won't fly ;)
  7. You dirty MoFo ... :) why do you play with thsoe nice tools and Me don't :) Don't make me send romanian eels after you :)
  8. WTF Dave ... Did Mike finaly found his computer :) ? He promiss long ago to finish those 25's .
  9. There are some tutorials on SIMHQ
  10. the Fencer is close to be released... Just ask WPNSGNT about its status ;)
  11. Mike ... we had a problem with the Fencer :) UV mapping .. :(
  12. Tu-22M2 and M3 USAFTML is quite persuasive somtimes , but we shall see when is ready.l.
  13. Show us more then.. Cause the Su-24 from the WPNSGNT,me, FUBAR, etc is almost released with the full FM, more versions, basically a plane that will have some quality like the rest of those at C5.
  14. a plastique model of a Su-24MK ?

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