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  1. Modern B-52H's

  2. Germany terrain rework (Part 3 of 3)

    it seems great but there is one problem: whenever I start a mission, my plane is instantly destroyed and the airfield seems nonexistent. Any help?
  3. TSF J 35 Draken Flygvapnet Package

    one concern: the cockpit does not display properly on the j35j. On that model, the cockpit appears completely black save a for a few instruments. Any idea what I did wrong in the installation process?
  4. hello. im a new user of mods for games. i love the b52, so i decided ur mod looked excellent, so i downloaded it and tried my hand @ putting all the files in the correct locations so as to have a functional mod. im not sure what exactly went wrong, but everything looks perfect, i can select the aircraft, change the loadout, etc., but then when the mission is finished loading, the program crashes. do u know what could have happened?

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