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  1. Couldn't tell ya! MrMudd surely has an opinion...! :)
  2. Or standing watch for the mail buoy...
  3. Aim 9

    Monitoring the boards I learned that there will be two heat signatures (for each aircraft - ?) : in normal mode and in afterburner. But not variations within those. So, its not like putting your engine at idle will forestall a heater launch as your approaching the merge. Might as well leave it at 100%. Unless that has changed recently, of course. I would happily welcome being corrected here.
  4. Oooooh. Sounds good! About the SEAD possibilities. Kinda blows me away how so much gets done in the end stages of the development of a game. I wonder why it is that there is apparently so little progress at first then there is a explosion of progress.

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