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  1. P-51C Mustang, ETO

  2. My Favorite Lamborghini

    The Espada has its own charm, and it's one of my favorite designs from them.
  3. Is there anything that doesn't look good with RAF roundels?
  4. It's because they are. Specifically they're Me 262 HG III's
  5. Good Kill

    Interesting. Will keep my eyes peeled for that when it's released
  6. Skynight

    IIRC there's one on the A-Team site (need permission to access)
  7. Old vs New

    They're also making a Charger Hellcat for the 2015 model year
  8. Focke-Wulf Ta-154U2

    Sounds don't work for some reason for me. Aside from that, another excellent addition to the WWII era here
  9. Shooting Skeet

    Depends. For someone with a smaller frame and lighter build, a .410 is better. 20-gauge and 12-gauge are the most common, from what I've seen
  10. I found a profile of Lt. Col. G.T. Eagleston's Mustang: Haven't seen any photographs yet
  11. Yes. They were equipped with the P-51D in early(?) 1945 and used them to cover the eastern end of the route over the 'Hump' until the war's end
  12. It seems that the Gustav had the bulges. The Kurfurst didn't. Bf109K-4^ Bf109G-14
  13. The camouflage looks spectacular!
  14. Real cool RC plane

    Sounds like it's powered by turbines rather than EDF's. *EDIT: did not see title of the video*

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