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  1. WOTR Runtime problem

    Hi, not a lot of info there so not easy to fix. Something must have changed on the PC or in WOTR itself. There's several tips in the FAQ for issues like that try there. If no go still then send logs to support email address - see the last 2 pages of the WOTR FAQ on how to send the files (do NOT post here).
  2. more Questions

    Wings of War, I was trying to push modding like heck way back then, to get a more realistic sim out of it. We partially got there. Yes that option was unrealistic but as gamer quite cool that you could leap to another aircraft in your flight when your aircraft was no good any more. For WOFF our runtime code (AI and so on) is in C++.
  3. Error Copying Global Layer

    For the record (if this is Ricardo) this is sorted now. Ricardo found the solution involves Norton Anti Virus 'Life Lock'. If you receive a pop-up stating "suspicious activity", click on it and exclude the "action" .
  4. more Questions

    No worries - btw I removed the drums and it's been released just now.
  5. Hi everyone, a new update for WOFF to V1.13 is now available. Version 1.13 3 June 2021 1) Fixed a possible error at mission runtime that would sometimes occur for Aces with File Specified AC and Skin. Ensured that the associated Ace skin would be allocated if possible, or if no more aircraft instances available then the generic AC and skin is allocated. 2) Improved Aircraft instance selections for skin allocations to maximise the number of skins per craft type flying in game. 3) BE2c early version - Removed Lewis drums from Observer’s cockpit. Fixed some other small issues. Please see our Website for details.
  6. more Questions

    Mainly because ever single tiny reaction has to be programmed for every single tiny possibility in a simulation - which is probably impossible. Hence, it's not real life :D A be2c upside down? Are you mad? Pretty sure you would avoid being upside down in a 2 seater for exactly the reason you mention. Lewis drums probably because it was made from the BE2c model that had a lewis gun. I could remove those sometime, one day, mayb - edit OK I removed from thje BE2c early so next time you can see blank wood instead ;) Your 32 "Hits" are because the bombs fragment. It counts all hits as you often can "hit" more than 1 object with a bomb. So hits > than the number of bombs.
  7. Yes visually I think WOFF is one of the better sims in terms of clouds, but to change from the current engine it would need a 3D volumetric clouds engine and DX11. Most volumetric clouds in most sims don't look as good as the clouds we have already - that is one problem. It would take a very cool implementation to make them very realistic.
  8. Morane-Saulnier N?

    Over the years I have helped roughly 27 people to start making models for WOFF. I think only 1 managed to actually (almost) finish any aircraft. To make it to a decent standard, with cockpit, DM, FM, textures etc takes some dedication. We never posted pics of a Bullet, as we do not have one ;) ... well yet at least.
  9. Hi all, a new update for WOFF to V1.12 is now available. Version 1.12 24 May 2021 1) Fixed a ground unit collision avoidance issue for aircraft that are Going Home or RTB. 2) Removed some Telephone poles from a/g_generic_3 type Airfield facilities that would sometimes cause a collision avoidance issue with landing aircraft. Please see our Website for details. Thanks to AlbertTross for the image!
  10. Assigned aircraft

    OK great MFair :). The pop up only appears on the first 3 times you visit the inventory (i.e. after a new install) then it does not appear again so possible you have visited there from time to time.
  11. Assigned aircraft

    MFair, very simple that one, when in the campaign, click on the inventory/workshop area to view the stores. A pop up explains what to do next. But basically next screen simply click the aircraft next to your name on the right
  12. Hi all, today we have released an update for WOFF BH&H II to V1.11. Version 1.11 20 May 2021 1) Fixed a ground unit collision avoidance issue for aircraft that would occur under certain circumstances when landing. 2) Aircraft fixes; - Sopwith Strutter A2 - fixed none working compass in VC, fixed broken pulsator. - Sopwith Camel & Camel Bentley version - improved rear wood combing texture seen from cockpit view. - Sopwith Camel Bentley - fixed underneath cowl plate. See our website downloads page for more - BH&H II Download Page
  13. Future plans ?

    We are still finishing off the last (?, we hope) patch or so for BH&H II then we shall be able to turn to WOTR. We hope to release more info on WOTR soon.
  14. Happy As

    You ended up with a stiff neck must have forgotten your silk scarf ;) If it happens again try unplugging TrackIR and then plug it back in may work, or check if the TrackIR program is still running. A fine machine the BE2c - just not so great at being shot at I hope you make it through.
  15. Yes Trooper so for the Nieuport 10, 11 etc with the fixed mount maybe one should also stand up and then press the keys using only thumb and little fingers or better still a thumb on one hand little finger on the other, and a big toe to represent the difficulty ;)
  16. Books?

    My favourites already mentioned.. Sagittarius Rising - Cecil Lewis. What an amazing man, one the co-founders of the BBC no less amongst his life achievements. Watch his interviews and see how up beat he is, and then very rarely switches to a momentary sadness when talking of the losses then back up to brightness again. No Parachute - Arthur Gould Lee Sopwith Scout 7309 - Gordon Taylor. Some hair-raising moments in that one. The Imperial Russian Air Service, Famous Pilots and Aircraft of World War One - Alan Durkota. Truly an amazing large book with superb rare data and great images. The First Air War 1914-191 - Lee Kennett more of an overview of the war but well explained I thought.
  17. A new update for WOFF BH&H II is now available. Version 1.10 14 May 2021 1) SPAD VII - fixed mirrored mapping on the left horizontal. Also improved horizontals and elevators mapping. 2) N17 Bis - fixed duplicate backplate for airspeed indicator in external view. Also added some cockpit parts into lower level of detail (LOD) model. 3) Revised rain effects for some heavy rain types. See our website downloads page for more - BH&H II Download Page
  18. Just use the ctrl+G , shift+G? i.e take your hands OFF the joystick as you would in real life.
  19. Probably need to use joystick software to have the button "repeat" like a normal keyboard key. It's meant to be difficult too BTW as in real life it was difficult to do of course, fumbling around with that whilst trying to stay in a fight would be very tricky.
  20. @JJJ: realistic tracer mod

    Thanks Jara
  21. @JJJ: realistic tracer mod

    If it overwrites the effects.xml then no.
  22. Training V2.0

    Ok, yeah not sure what else it could be maybe strong winds occasionally but as I say I have not seen it happen once. What Anti Virus?
  23. Training V2.0

    Yes some crashes would be due to failure, all craft have the possibility of mechanical failures. They were common in training too.
  24. Hi all, Today we released V1.09 11th May 2021 1) Fixed an issue whereby the correct Backclip distance (haze) was not being set for some Quick Scenario weather types, resulting in graphical cloud glitches under certain conditions. 2) Implemented reduced Backclip distances (haze) for medium and variable dynamic weather. 3) Removed the Cloth Hall at Ypres after it was damaged. 4) Improved AI rotary blipping at low engine RPM. 5) Fixed a fatal mission creation error with escort flights if the escorting squadron was based at the same airfield as player. 6) Improved briefing text for when escorting squadron is based at same airfield as player. 7) Fixed an issue with a Nieuport 17 Lewis skin. Please see our website BH&H II Download page
  25. Training V2.0

    Very strange VFC_Baxter, never seen him do it here. I wonder if something remains from a previous install of UE/ PE? Did have an old install originally?

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