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  1. No widescreen cockpit in 1.013

    You get black bars in 2d mode (keyboard '2'). To get the full widescreen, you have to go to 3d mode (keyboard '3'). You lose being able to click any switches in 3d mode, plus the 3d mode MFD's suck, so most ppl end up switching back & forth. But the 3d mode sure is nice to look at.
  2. Thanks for the info Ghostdog, I'll be awaiting! :)
  3. I concur on the bandwidth... how about a mirror on fileplanet? (Anyone know of a mirror for Loman 2.0? I can't get it)
  4. Looked great, but I had a bit of stuttering.
  5. That's ok, thanks... just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything.
  6. Yet? As in, something like this can be added? Ok... (but thanks for the reply!)
  7. I'm setting up a switch control panel for flight sims. One of my switches is engine on/off, but I didn't see such a command in the config file. Is there one?
  8. Looking VERY nice! Thanks for the update, I added your site to my favs so I can check back. :D
  9. Wow, that would be awesome. I use Loman for Lomac now and it helps a lot with all the "busywork" of installing a mod or changing parameters. WTG, looking forward to it! :D
  10. Thanks for the updates, Ghostdog, your work is appreciated! :) Question... is there any way to preview a skin before downloading it? I noticed that some of the other files (like the frontpages on SF) have previews.
  11. Hey, just gotta get a plug for this plane, in case you guys haven't found it. WPNSSGT did a great job on it, the exterior is sharp, and the cannon seems spot on! Hopefully an A10 cockpit will be forthcoming, but as it is now, it is a blast to fly! Thanks WPNSSGT!
  12. Whew, I thought it was just me... While it is now functional, the speed issue is a bit of a pain. I recall the demo was much smoother. Hope they get it fixed and thanks for the post, Ghostdog. Boltz, where do those numbers go in sequence? I opened my lomac tir file and there was a whole bunch more numbers!
  13. It was pretty awesome. Can't say I cared for the ending though! ;)

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