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  1. Before it gets lost in time World War 1 Battlefields as they appear today http://www.coolcrack...cape-still.html WWII in Photos http://www.theatlant...ocus/pages/ww2/ WWII after the war Photos http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/10/world-war-ii-after-the-war/100180
  2. I'm not in favor of exploding populations, yet I don't like the methods of population control in China. I've often searched for the logic of replaceing the fossil Fuel dependance with rechargeable batteries, when there's no method used to generate electric power to recharge those batteries, save for nuclear power and we can't have that. I have to laugh at Germany, they outlaw Nuclear Power, only to discover wind turbines and Solar panels just can't suffice. So they'll burn coal ( Carbon Footprint no longer important ) But they need to purchase additional capacity at times. So they buy it from FRANCE who uses Nuclear, which IF it ever leaks Germans will die . . Shrewd
  3. So then you're saying the only reason UPS burns Fossil in it's fleet of Cargo 747's is due to economical feasability at the moment, and the moment it becomes financial feasible due to Political moves to use synthetics they will. If that's our future so be it. I'm just hopeful they produce a Chevy Volt that doesn't burn up first
  4. A Reprint from Uncle Al's Hints and Tips STICKY . . It actually works . . Except my left hand is working the throttle The human body was never designed with the ‘Twisty Stick’ in mind, at least not when it comes to WWI flight sims anyway. In the WWII prop-driven aircraft there was some use of rudder, but not much, (except for runway activity). In the jets even less. However in 1917 we're dealing with full travel use of the rudder in gunnery, and that violent momentary course correction just prior to shooting. I won't say it’s impossible, but it's very difficult to hold a totally flat pivoting action as you twist the joystick, while squeezing the trigger to shoot at the same time. Unless you're very careful you're always going to have a slight aileron movement, usually just enough to bank off your target. I haven't met the pilot who can hold a turn that flat, without pedals, in a dogfight. I'm sure they exist, but I ain't one. SOLUTION: Don't use the trigger; use the ‘Spacebar’. Your machine gun will still fire, plus your hit percentage will be noticeably higher. Try it and see, because what is your other hand doing then anyway, playing pocket pool? NOTE: How to find your hit percentage in OFF, set ‘Player Stats’ in Workshop to ‘On’. .
  5. Firstly . . .Stay AWAY from Auto Rudder as it's sure to make a Sopwith Pup handle like a flying brick . . .It was included for back in the old Days of CFS1 where half the joysticks didn't have a twist function, once Microsoft gets an idea 'That's it". it was on CFS2, and CFS3 Not that you have any choice in the matter, but you can see just what your "Twisty Stick" in OFF. Go to FLOAT VIEW = Shift + F6 . . That will provide an exterior view of your aircraft, just like you were behind it and off to one side. Then move that 'Twisty Stick' and you'll see it move
  6. I don't doubt engines can be made efficently handelling the synthetics, they seem to run fine. But they don't provide any power, the RPM's that a turbine makes, is only half the battle The NAVY Jet is on a catapult, without if could it take off. Airliners would be possible with JATO Paks I wonder what would happen in the event of engine failure, as is known to happen Is it a Death Sentence for her crew ?
  7. Not trying to piss on your petunias, but we are very tuned to that subject matter. Pray do continue, a man should do what he enjoys doing I see a STICKY in your future, but alas not much else . The princible venues to display your work such as Argosy have fallen by the wayside long ago And while the writing/publishing business has been dog eats dog for years. It's rather easy to get published these days, printed that's something else altogether
  8. If for some reason you have your heart set on attacking a truck. Number one, slow down. . He won'f run away, you only have 1 perhaps 2 light machine guns, you won't do much damage anyway,. This ain't 1943, and you ain't flying a P51 with 6 Heavy machine guns So the only way to get more than 2 seconds on Target without crashing is to fly high over your Target. Cut your throttle and dive at him, the trick is to pull out before you take a Dirt Nap
  9. http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/10/world-war-ii-after-the-war/100180
  10. Hey guy I'm sure Cleveland is great this time of year. Obviously you still have a problem so post it again and wait for the cavalry
  11. While I consider myself a newbie as far as OFF is concerned, I'm hardly that with the use of Trackir. CFS3 is a total dog without Trackir, tolerable with. I see no reason the views in OFF should be all that different I know with OFF the (F6 ) command is iron sights which lets you look down the gun itself Then there's Virtual Cockpit which is probably what they're searching for . . . . that's unassigned at installation . . . you have to assign it I'd use something you don't use with these aircraft, Flaps for example
  12. WW2 photo's

    It's always a good idea to check out the PUB occasionaly. You might be amazed at some of the goodies that are posted there. OFF is a very small part of Combat Ace
  13. The NEW OFF when released promises to make it able for You to Transfer your Pilot. You'll just have to wait with the rest of us And you must remember this is a Profit Making Enterprize . . if everything was available . . the Profit Making might cease
  14. http://www.ethanolproducer.com/articles/8675/usda-explores-potential-for-biofuel-crops-at-airports I've heard that the U.S Navy has a single engine Jet Arcraft which uses biofuel, on take-off the whole flight deck smells like McDonald's French Fries Call me a cynic, but until they can develop a Jet engine that can Lift a fully loaded 747, and stay up there when one engine dies. Running on a combonation of Corn Squeezings and Pond Scum. I'll WAIT
  15. QUESTION: 1. Is there a better practise target, that I can actually fire on? 2. The on-screen data on the right side is in 8(?) font, too small to read . How can I increase in the font size to 10 or even 12 ? 3. This data is appears in Blue which is too hard to read. How can I change the font to White ? Rather than go through allot of work, the data on the right is the Printed Part of the HUD. There are only 2 numbers of any use, the amunition counter ( nice to know you only have 18 bullets, before you go looking for trouble) and a Digital Fuel indication. That's it. But it's a leftover from CFS3 Grab by the Left Edge you can move it wherever you like even off screen.Grab it anyplace else, it won't budge. The Bue Messages center screen you don't need to read, they basically say: You Hit German Airman You Hit German Airman You hit German Airman You hit German Airman . . .So if you're Shooting and Not Getting them. You're not hitting anything Also it might say bullet hit your Wing Bullet Hit your engine Bullet Hit your engine Bullet Hit your Fuel Tank . . .If you suddenly Lose Power you'll be the first to know The Digital Fuel gauge is nice to have. If it reads 87.4% before action, yet 80% after. You caught a bullet in your fuel tank, nothing major. But I'd start looking for someplace to land. Or you can just forget it, and have the engine stop suddenly at 5000 feet. Your Chioce

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