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  1. F-22 Over My House

    The most interesting i had fly over was a KC-135 and behind it a B-2. That was a sight.I knew something was unusual when i saw the 4 engines of the KC-135.Around the Cincinatti /Kentucky airport u dont see many things with 4 engines at least that i notice.This was on a fridayat approx 7.pm. iIfigured they were going to that WPAFB Air Tattoo because that was going on that night.Maybe Dave so them there?
  2. Fast Eagle Is A Fraud...

    Well im no Catbutt!!!!!
  3. Favorite Movie

    Gee how could i have forgot Aliens. :o That was a very good movie!!! I really liked the weapons in that movie.Those dropships were nice along with the APC and of course those pulse rifles!!!!!!!!!!!! I ve grabbed stuff related to that movie like the PS one game that was nice. An Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual heck i even got an Aliens Adventure Game {not computer or console}u had to use dice and do all the thinking and math. LOL
  4. Favorite Movie

    Thanks CowboyTodd41 i check this site daily and i figured i start saying something.And speaking of Smokey and the bandit how about that classic movie Convoy :D was my favorite movie when i was little now im just old heck i have the record with that song on it. :(
  5. Favorite Movie

    Mine would have to be Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back or the first Highlander movie. Did anyone ever see that movie called Red Flag The Ultimate Game i think that s what it is called.
  6. Colts Take Bucks In Ot

    You all have me beat the nearest team for me is the Bengals. Their starting to blame the turf :( but it doesnt stop the other team!!!!!!! lol
  7. Falcon 4 Gold Announced

    Bare with me its my first post on a board anywhere.Theres one word in that post MadJeff that caught my attention.That word is Xicat :o

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