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  1. Syrian L-39ZA Albatros

  2. Mig-29K Pak

    A mig-29yb kogda bydet?
  3. img00032

    Can please give skin?
  4. Все делал как положено подправил ini файлы подкрепил кокпит и все равно в sf2 не показывает этот самолет в списке, может кто нибудь знает как сделать ее летабельным?! хочу пак выпустить Did everything as it should be tweaking ini files have reinforced cockpit and still in sf2 does not show the aircraft in the list, maybe somebody knows how to make it metabolisim?! want Pak to release
  5. Sukhoi SJ AWACS.7z

    Xoroshaya model sdelay obzor na svoem kanale kstati smohete sdelat MiG-29YB ili An-30?
  6. Tu-22 Blinder Templates

    Hello and whether the cockpit on Tu-22?and another question is how to attach the cockpit Tu-16 and Tu-22?
  7. Su-34 New Camo

    Why download skin if addon even not?
  8. Traces (smoke) from missiles from where you can take?
  9. Syrian L-39ZA Albatros

    Each thank you for this file always wanted to fly in this game on L-39,I myself in reality fly for them,I apologize for my wrong English,if not difficult one can please ask you to do a skin of Kazakhstan L-39 here photos

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