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  1. Air Raid Warning Ambulances

    Air Raid Warning Ambulances.
    These are the Stock Trucks re-painted to look like Ambulances.
    Their main function is they set off an air raid alarm on friendly Airfields when an Enemy Aircraft gets too close (or when you get too close to the Enemy's!).
    I figured that Air Raid Sirens weren't readily available at the time, so I have used a vintage Fire-Engine Bell, Which sounds quite good, and rings a bit faster than it sounds on the wav file.
    I have also included a version which uses an Air Raid Siren instead of the Fire-Engine Bell.
    I made the two different versions for the two different sounds (rather than just change the sound around) because the rate of fire and burst amounts are different, just seemed simpler to have them both available.
    They have to be manually placed on the Terrain, one at each Airfield, but this isn't as time consuming as it sounds, as most Airfields have several trucks already placed at them; so you just need to substitute an Ambulance for a Truck.
    If you really don't want to do this you can avoid it by making them exportable, but then you end up with Ambulances guarding bridges and balloons.


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