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  1. Why is this not surprising?

    And the strongest... Look at the size of that bomb!
  2. Why is this not surprising?

    I just could NOT watch the whole thing... It's gut wrenching...Jesus, how could he do this!?!?!?!?!?!?! Damn him to hell. I'm going to post this site at the WCE forum, we'll see how they react to this...
  3. Why is this not surprising?

    Actually if the guy gets elected we just Might have him for 8yrs...the military would most likely be,but they'd do same as when carter and the perjurer were in office,respect the office even if the ocupant is a true numbnuts...the same guys that tried make a issue out of national guard service are now saying that whole bunch of viet boat vets are lying,unbelievable... EIGHT? EIGHT? EIGHT WHOLE YEARS? Oh, the horror... <_< You're right. They have to...well, respect the office. They might not give a damned s**t about who's in it, but respect the office. I wonder what Kerry's plan regarding the military is. Should be interesting, seeing as how he wasn't in Vietnam long enough to get a decent tan...
  4. Why is this not surprising?

    Kerry... I can't stand that guy. Damn him. I do not know what I'd do if he was elected... I bet most of the military would be right pissed... We'd have to put up with FOUR (4), that's right, FOUR WHOLE YEARS of this guy. A proven liar. A liar as POTUS? Oh, the shame...
  5. Attention Falcon Sx Two

    You mean this? http://forum.biohazcentral.com/index.php?showtopic=5664 is it FS2004 Yes, it is. what did you use for catshots and arresting wires to stop--which addon, I mean? Believe it or not, nothing. The only addons in those screens are AlphaSim's payware A-10 and the freeware carriers available from SimViation. How did I cat? I had to power up to full power, even then, I fell off. If you look carefully at this shot: you'll see that I was slewing, indicated by my 0.0 KIAS. Without FD3, it'd take the whole 4.5 acres of the deck to get enough airspeed, even then, it might not be enough. As for the trap, well, my airspeed was suffciently low as to let me slow down once I slammed into the deck, but I still had to use brakes. All that smoke is just the tires burning... :D Since I don't have FD3, this is the only way I can cat and trap. I'll have to improvise. You ought to teach Navychief how to trap better--seems he is still learning... Oddly enough, I find trapping somewhat easy. However, this is in a SIMULATED sense. Trapping real life? HELL NO! Besides, FS2004 does not simulate rocking boats, so the deck is stable. All you have to worry about is the crosswind, like in this shot: I had a bit of crosswind there, so I couldn't make the centerline. If you can land on the normal runway, like say at NAS Patuxent River, make centerline like 25% of the time, you stand a good chance of trapping in this sim, IMO. To be honest, I rarely land centerline these days, but I can still trap in the sim. The hard part about trapping in this sim, is lining up with the deck, maintain proper altitude and airspeed, crosswinds, and catching the wires. Since I don't have FD3, catching wires of any sort is out of the question for me. Usually, as I approach the deck, I shut off all power, deploy speedbrakes, and pray that I'll slow down in time... ;) Teach NC how to trap? LOL! He shouldn't need an Air Force wannabe to teach him. He's Navy, so this should come naturally... :) If needed, I just may end up posting a cat and trap tutorial, only problem is image quality. Oh well, it might help people out... :D
  6. Blitzpigs VS Turtles VS Sharks! Clash of Titans! :D
  7. Your prayers are needed

    He's in my prayers. It's too bad he died, he sounded cool. :( God bless him and his family...
  8. Impressions of Athens, June 2nd, 2004

    Nice painting Nick! Happy 4th of July! :D Here's a Photoshop I made to commerate the occassion...it's dedicated to the men and women of our armed forces who safegaurd our freedom and way of life. God bless us all! :) Size is 1024x768 so you can use it as wallpaper if you like. :)
  9. Anything is possible in FS2004!

    Don't worry, firehawk. I'm enjoying life as it is...(It helps when the girls love you.) ;) Thanks for the vote of support. It means alot. :D PS: I will laugh extremely hard if I end up landing an A-10 on a carrier. :P
  10. Anything is possible in FS2004!

    Thanks Chief, I'll take that to heart. :D
  11. Anything is possible in FS2004!

    Well, it's either the Air Force or the Navy for me. :) Everyone is either joining the Army or the Marines. Not one of my peers talk about joining the USAF or the USN. It's always "Go Army!" and "Semper Fi!" (not that there's anything wrong with that.) I bet it's probably because of games like Ghost Recon. (great game, might I add.) No one plays Falcon 4.0 or Jane's F/A-18 anymore! :( I like to not follow the crowd. Since I doubt I can become a pilot, I just might join right outta high school :D Enlisted all the way! B) Who knows, I just might get the chance to earn a comission while I'm on duty. ;) Why I really want to join the military is because I want to help my family out. You see, my mom is a nurse. She's the primary breadwinner. My dad works at an airport and is what you'd call a bag handler. It's backbreaking and doesn't pay that good. Now, if I manage to become a pilot, I hope the pay will be good enough to help my folks out. Hopefully, it'll all work out. :D But I think I'll go the Air Force route. Everyone in my family who's been in the military has been in the USN/USMC. But who knows... ;)
  12. Anything is possible in FS2004!

    Thanks NC!
  13. Anything is possible in FS2004!

    Damn! And here I was contemplating joining the Navy as a Yellow shirt...one of the Air bosses henchmen... ;) BTW, what exactly are all the shirts? Blue Red Yellow Green White Brown Purple and any others I missed...
  14. Can You Identify THis?

    Looks like it... If that's supposed to be a flight helmet, where's the visor? Where's the oxygen mask?
  15. Calendars...

    Oh well. :( Thanks for trying anyway. :D

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