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  1. Thanks for the insight. I do not even manage to reach go past Mach 2.8 before my engines catch fire actually. Funny how your version is entirely different... I just searched Nato Fighters 5's credits to see who created the MiG-25 in my version: CrazyhorseB34 (PD); USAFTML, MiG-25 Team (RB). Best regards, X8X8X
  2. Hello Cliff7600, It is. Thanks for the explanation. Bombing at that speed and altitude seems great fun! My current approach to Western Germany with the Mig-25RB (no external tanks in NATO Fighters 5 is): ​- turn to target direction right after takeoff - steep subsonic AB climb to to roughly 20 km altitude - going past Mach 2 at that altitude - turning AB off = Mach 1 only - cruising to Western Germany / target area - AB on when being intercepted. Altitude advantage should be enough, however - wide turn after target, AB on - AB off after interception is lost - throttle off descent to airport when back in the state of the workers & farmer You will find another flaw in my mission profile (hence the fuel is no issue): The speed! The engines (of any Mig-25 or Mig-31 in NATO Fighters 5) will catch fire after a few minutes of full afterburner. Without, cruising speed will drop to high subsonic even at above 60.000 ft. Since you are a editing a Mig-25, is this correct? It seems rather odd for a long-range high speed interceptor. Best regards, X8X8X
  3. Thanks for your reply. I actually tried to build missions myself, setting the goal waypoint (the triangle) to a high altitude, sadly it cannot be set higher than 60.000 ft anyway. The problem isn't even hand-flying, but the fact I have to descend to 60.000 ft (what a thing to say!) in enemy airspace, making me more vulnerable for interception and SAMs thanks to the loss in altitude and the increased aero drag. Best regards, X8X8X
  4. Hello, I tried doing some reconnaissance missions with the MiG-25 in SF2 - Nato Fighters 5. Sadly the max. altitude of a waypoint, which I have to hit to successfully complete the mission, is 60.000 feet. Can I change something in the game files to allow me a higher altitude, more suited for that aircraft? Thanks. Best regards, X8X8X
  5. oh, well. Thanks. I just realised the F-15 and the Su-27 can also be bought separately on steam, may get one of those (just having to decide which one now if FC3 won't be on sale anytime soon). Best regards, Brett
  6. Another question: ​The official release (not beta) of DCS 2.0 will be free, I suppose. Will FC3 work in this environment as well? Which maps will be included? Nevada or Georgia, or even both of them? Thanks. Best regards, X8X8X
  7. Close enough ... 262 of course. Best regards, X8X8X
  8. Cold war in general, really. Especially Europe, since I am German. My system isn't top notch today (i7-4700MQ, GT740M, 16 GB DDR3), but able to run stock SF2 in unlimited. Best regards, X8X8X
  9. Hello, What are the "must-have mods" for Strike Fighters 2? Talking of aircraft, terrain and campaigns. Thanks. Best regards, X8X8X
  10. Thanks. That's a good price, I'll get one then. Best regards, X8X8X
  11. Syrian MiG-21/23 up close

    Thanks. Best regards, X8X8X
  12. Hello, Something rather strange happened: By disabling ITT (Intel Turboboost Technology) in my Bios (i7-4700MQ) I gained some FPS in basically any game. Cannot really explain it, but the effects in e. g. Assetto Corsa, The Crew and especially FSX are tremendous. Hope it may help some others as well. Best regards, X8X8X
  13. Hi, I know this game was designed for joysticks way back then. But is it possible to fly without? I tried FreeFalcon but couldn't figure out anything in terms of controls. Thanks. Best regards, X8X8X
  14. Thanks. I'll just wait a bit then. Heard the MiG-29 (my favourite out of the aircrafts included in FC3) will get an update later this year, so they time may be well worth it. Best regards, X8X8X
  15. I agree, MigBuster. I tried to shorten this post a bit, hence "asymmetric". There is a quite a difference in philosophy between all the blocks, which may greatly contribute to the statistics. For example, how many MiG-21 (which is widely regarded as a very capable fighter for its time) enjoyed build quality, maintenance, supplies, pilot training, tactical support, etc. the way F-4s did? Best regards, X8X8X

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