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    Videogames strike fighters gold
    Visit this site for download and Knowing people
  1. wings over europe squadrons?

    i would like to if u dont mind
  2. Todays my birthday!

    my parents are English but i was born in Spain wich explains my english! Thanks folks!
  3. Todays my birthday!

    Hey guys, my name is Samuel(neospore)And today the thirteenth of january im sixteen years old wich means that i can get a motorbike lisence(im spanish) and also means i can work.
  4. 205045 547163928647052 138540411 N

    errr thank u very much but bare in mind im not sure its apropiate for my age(if u dont know how old i am go to my profile)
  5. neospore's album

    here contains me, my pets,and some planes i did on spore and other things
  6. NeoSpore

    My album of images and things I enjoy sharing.
  7. what a shame. I can't upload photos to my gallery either and it doesn´t appear on my profile either. Help plz :) :)
  8. An Interview with LouG

    It's an honour to have you in CombaACE
  9. New photos

    Hello everyone. New photos in my gallery Please comment and rate:) Neospore
  10. two year old Dancer

    as they say in spain he's got "the baile the san vito" Who knows maybe he is the predessesor of michael jakson
  11. Thanks

    Hey guys.My name's neospore and i'd like to say something... Thanks for leaving soo many comments in my succsesful toppic English class in Spain... and for your hep in Strike fighters gold. Down below is me in my bedroom with a stand for my Lego plane(I like collecting things and creating them thus the spore images) And below is...suprise suprise a sukhoi illustrated in a book of 1957(my grandad gave it to me). Forgot some things... The book is 55 years old Special thanks to cocas and MAKO xxx(don'tknow the numbers) And all those people in my other topics
  12. Is the second casually The famous Heinkel german bomber? The second one is the handley pagr halifax(without the dorsal turret)
  13. First one concolated b-24 liberator 2nd bristol bleinheim 3rd supermarine spitfire and 4rth hawker hurricane
  14. File sorting

    Thanks for the information.It's just I've got a problem in SFG
  15. Hullo veryone. Have a suggestion. Why don't you create a program that whem u download a file ex: Talon.rar.It will put the files in the correct places(decals in decals weapons in weapons...)and in the case you have to edit a weapon the profgram will do everything for you. If this exists please tell me really soon neospore

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