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  1. Weapons Pack 2

  2. This is for a future game project of mine. What kind of scenarios would F-14 pilots be put through, and what work would they have to complete on the ground? Thanks.
  3. Hello. Last year, I posted a thread here to ask anyone if they had any information on a possible Su-37 'Flounder-A'; an enemy that appears in the 1994 flight sim 'US Navy Fighters'. It was apparently, an A-10-like CAS aircraft, designed to support Russian troops against US forces in-game. No one did have any info. But since then, I have managed to find a small number of images that point to the aircraft's possible existence as a design concept, under the Su-37 designation. As you can see, it employs a cranked-delta wing design, not unlike the ground-oriented F-16XL. This allows lower stall speeds than a pure-delta design. However, the engine appears to be a standard turbofan, like those employed on fighter aircraft, rather than the turbofans employed on the A-10. Wouldn't this make slow-speed a bit troublesome? And here is the virtual depiction in US Navy Fighters, pointing to its intended role as an A-10-like CAS platform. If this sparks anyone's memories or knowledge of this aircraft, sharing it would be greatly appreciated. On a second note, did there ever exist a Naval version of the F-104 'Starfighter'? The above image is the depiction is US Navy Fighters. Despite saying U.S.A.F. on the wings, in-game, it is operated by the US Navy, under the F-104N designation, complete with CATOBAR gear. Any help on this would be great too. DatBritish.
  4. Hmm, I've not had any of these issues. I suppose a question would be, are you using the TW F-14, or TMF F-14? That may help. I probably won't be tho. :(
  5. Su-22 modernisation

    Nice to see some Cold War vintage still in service and being upgraded. Real Soviet Engineering!
  6. Last one was 'North Atlantic' in 2012. I want to believe otherwise, but it seems like TW has moved their priorities to Mobile Gaming. Plus, the fact that the last update for SF2 was in July 2013, I'm finding this kinda sad. Is this all because Mobile Gaming is more profitable that Simulators? If that's the case, I honestly thought TW was better than that. I have no problem with him expanding his horizons, but to completely disregard the fanbase he acquired, that have supported him since 2002, and to enter a market who have no appreciation for who TW is or what he did, seems like a slap in the face. Maybe he's secretly working on one behind the scenes, but I seriously think he would have let us know by now. Does anyone else know anything I'm missing perhaps? On a side note, where would you want the next SF2 to take place? I'd think something like the Falklands War would be cool.
  7. I became interested in TOPGUN after seeing the eponymous movie. In the Training Flight scenes, it seems the criteria for a legal 'kill' was radar-lock and above the Hard Deck. (Which you may have known, Mav broke and was reprimanded for it.) I know this would make sense in the real TOPGUN, but were there any other restrictions/conditions that would have to be taken into account to claim a 'kill'. Also, can someone please tell me, why, in Mavs tangle with both Jester and Viper, their Fire-Control systems were taking so long to lock-on? Dramatic effect maybe? Seems rather stupid considering Jester and Mav both had Mav and Viper in their gunsights for the whole time. Also, Mavs gunsight after 'switching to guns' was still has the missile-lock reticule instead of a pipper. Any ideas? Cheers. :)
  8. Brevity Code for Rocket Pod Launch?

    Ah I see. That slipped me that possibility. Oh well, I'll just have to use stuff like 'Cleared Hot' and 'Off Target'. Cheers. :)
  9. Brevity Code for Rocket Pod Launch?

    Hi all. Just a quick question. I'm now in the stage of my game development where I'm writing out my scripts for in game events. One of these is Rocket Pod launch. Since I'm using proper Brevity codes, (Like 'Fox Three' for Multi-Target AA's, and 'Pickle' for Bombs, etc), I need to know the one for Rockets. Thing is, I can't find it. I thought it was 'Shotgun' at first. Makes sense, since a Rocket Pod fires multiple projectiles like a Shotgun, so can someone enlighten me here on this? Cheers from England. :D
  10. Will they continue working on it? We haven't heard any news from them regarding the project since October '12, but then again they haven't made an official notice of cancellation. Would it be a waste potentially having 2 Tomcat modules? Who's would you rather see released? I'm personally looking forward to Leathernecks offering, since their Fishbed has had me in Analog Heaven since they released it. Since IRIS now seem to be more concerned with FSX, I think I've stopped caring about what they have to offer.
  11. Are Aircraft Designations and Names Trademarked?

    Ah I see. I'm just looking through manual to 'After Burner II' on the Mega Drive, and it mentions your craft as the 'F-14XX Skycat'. I suppose I'll have to come up with something similar if I don't want to pay royalties to Mr. Grumman. :/ Thanks anyway, I'll take your advice anyway. :)
  12. Hi. I'm in the process of designing a top-down shooter game, where the player pilots an F-14D and shoots down enemy air and ground targets. The working title is 'Super Tomcat'. However, I'm kinda concerned this would land me in trouble if I were to publish the game. I get this idea because names like 'Tomcat' and 'Eagle' are all corporate names rather than nicknames, like 'Turkey' and 'Double Ugly'. So can someone shed light on this issue? As an extension, are designations like 'F-14D' and 'F/A-18E' trademarked too? Cheers. :)
  13. What is a 'Turn And Burn'?

    Ah, I see. That cleared that up. I suppose it's also a bit less relevant today, as aircraft have gotten heavier, the light wing loading needed for T&B maneuver would prohibit it.
  14. I've heard this so many times, but have no idea what it actually is. For example, I've heard it as: - An ACM where the attacker performs a series of high g 'turns' to 'burn' off energy to prevent an overshoot. - A situation where an aircraft has fired off the last of its ordnance and then disengages the target, (turns), and egresses at high speed. (Burn.) Any help here would be thanked, cheers. :)

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