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    Aviation Working out (including Martial Arts), Flying RW aircraft when I can afford it and Flight Simming of course!
  1. All, Thank you for your help. Matching the Squadron names to the RAZBAM textures worked! I forgot to change the squadron designator on the loading page. Once I did that, everything worked great. Now I am off to take out some targets up North! Raven, MigBuster,Papa Smurf....Thank you all for your help! Check Six and Semper Fi
  2. Raven, Thank you for the information. I ried it and I still have a naked A-6A. Hmmm, I must be doing something wrong. MigBuster, I tried your method too. I will go back in and try it again! All, Thank you for all the help! Skelator
  3. Raven, I have the SFP-1 Extraction tool....I used to know how to get to the 'cat'files but I cannot seemto remember how. Can you assist? Skelator
  4. Raven, So I extract WOVCAMPL1_DATA.ini from the Missiondata.cat file and replace VA-75 with VA-165? After I do that will it map to my A-6A? I will give it a try, and thanks for the info. I'll let you know how it goes! Skelator
  5. Roger that Raven.... I changed Linebacker I to VA-165. I will change the other two campaigns as well. I will see if that works. As Papa Smurf mentioned the RAZBAM skin does not have a VA-75 equivalent. Thank you all for the help. I'll let you know how it goes! Skelator
  6. Thanks Papa Smurf, I will go do that now! Sorry I mised that one and thanks you for the help! Skelator
  7. Red Arrow down

    It is very sad to hear about the loss of Red Arrow #4. Jon is a true hero. Words cannot describe the sorrow that all of us in the aviation community feel for Jon and his family. My prayers are with Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging's family. God bless him, and his family...may he rest in peace. Karl "Skelator" Lewis Major, USAFR and USNR (Retired)
  8. All, and Papa Smurf, Thank you for rolling in with this....here is what I have for the A-6A.ini file entry... [TextureSet005] Directory=USNGrey1 Name=USN Grey Nation=USN Squadron=VA75 Specular=0.500000 Glossiness=0.400000 Reflection=0.000000 This is what I had with the original file [uSNUnit003] UnitName=VA-75 Sunday Punchers ForceID=1 UnitID=40 StartDate=1972 DescFile=wovL1Start.txt StartText=wovL1Start1.txt StartScreen=CampaignCarrier.bmp CampaignBaseScreen=CampaignCarrier.bmp AircraftType=A-6A This is what the Campaign file reads at this time: [uSNUnit003] UnitName=USNGrey1 ForceID=1 UnitID=40 StartDate=1972 DescFile=wovL1Start.txt StartText=wovL1Start1.txt StartScreen=CampaignCarrier.bmp CampaignBaseScreen=CampaignCarrier.bmp AircraftType=A-6A Should I change it to read as 'USN Grey' for the unit name? Skel
  9. MigBuster, I went in and checked my file in my WoV game for the A-6A in Campaign mode. Here is what I hav... [uSNUnit003] UnitName=VA-75 Sunday Punchers ForceID=1 UnitID=81 StartDate=1965 DescFile=wovRTStart.txt StartText=wovRTStart3.txt StartScreen=CampaignCarrier.bmp CampaignBaseScreen=CampaignCarrier.bmp AircraftType=A-6A It looks correct with all the other files. I will post more as I discover where my error might be. Thank you for the Knowledge base information as well. That is sending me on the right path. Skelator
  10. Raven, MigBuster....Thank you for the quick responses. Raven, I am flying a stock version of Wings Over Vietnam. This is my pristine Vietnam version with a few aircraft add-ons but my campaigns are all stock! MigBuster, I will try to edit the squadron with the stock game one but I cannot seem to remember what the data.ini file line should read. If yu remember what it is can you send it to me? In the mean time, I will search my external drives to see if I have it there! Thanks all....Stay Frosty, Check Six and Semper Fi Skelator
  11. Hello All, This problem has probably been addressed somewhere but I cannot seem to find it. If someone could lead me to it, I would be most appreciative. Here's what I have.....I uplaoded the RAZBAM A-6A as my WOE default Intruder. When I fly single missions the Intruder looks great! However, when I fly it in the "Campaign" mode, the aircraft shows up white. Animations work fine but there is no color or texture what-so-ever. In the external mode, you can see the Aviator and the B/N but everything surrounding them is white including their seats. Weapons show up in the proper colors and textures. The texture for the RAZBAM bird is the VA-75 "Sunday Punchers" scheme. Is this the default WOE campaign scheme? And if not, could this be the problem? Thank you for the help, and please forgive me if this has been addressed in another section. Stay Frosty and Semper Fi! Skelator
  12. Thank you to all that helped me go in the right direction with the B-1B pit placement and the Typhoon set-up. Someone had to lead this 'Horse' to water and everything is working great! Thank you all for the help and for making a great sim better See ya' in the skys over ThirdWire territory! Skelator
  13. Spinner, I am a little new at this and I could not find anything in the 'Read Me' except something for adding the tanks. I must be missing something. Skelator
  14. EricJ, Those values work great! Please pass my thanks to Vampyre. 2 more questions....I would like to start developing cockpits for the sim....where do I go to get started? And, is there a thread that explains how to position a pilot figure? My EF-2000 Typhoon pilot is sticking out of the bottom of the cockpit. I think there was a fix for that a while back, but I do not remember where it was. Again thank you for your help. Talk to you soon. Skelator
  15. Hello All, This issue might have been addressed before (forgive if it has). But I was wondering if someone might have the "X" value to position my B-1B cockpit (F-111F cockpit is used as a place-holder) correctly when I open the "Bay Doors". When I select this function, the bombs show up ahead of the cockpit. Could this have to do with the use of the F-111 pit in place of the B-1B pit? Thank you to all the great modders that have made this game such a blast! Skelator

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