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  1. Do u know how I can fix the missile problem
  2. This never happened before. Also I was Wondering how u would write a little phrase on a jet like I wanted to put RIP then my aunts name on the nose? In SF1 all I did was pick the noose or tail and write RIP but I tried it on here using paint didn't show up is there another way
  3. C:\Users\Ur Name\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\Objects\Aircraft if theres not an aircraft folder make one and a decal folder as well let me know what happens
  4. Enbseries would go to flight mods folder and the ddl would go the flight folder in main directory and put force directx9 to true
  5. I only found the force direct9 not just direct but still no box
  6. Option ini would be enbseries ini right
  7. How would I get it in directx9 I just have the installation. I put everything in place but still no box Im running SF2 Europe July 2012
  8. I have read the readme. I did put the endseries in the mod flight folder and the ddl. in the main folder where you would have the objects terrians ect? I started the game and it says ddl. is missing from computer so reinstall. so I left the enbseries in the mod flight folder what am I doin wrong
  9. I put the skin the vaq-138 in the growler folder then I put the decals vaq-138 into the decals folder and nothing
  10. I have downloaded the vaq-138 yellow jackets skin in the sf2 downloads folder then I put what was in the folder in the EA-18G
  11. Here the EA-18G GROWLER AND VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets
  12. I have a windows 8. My display device is AMD Radeon HD 7420. I have put the downloaded skins in the appropriate plane? For example VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets. When I started to fly the aircraft didn't have the skin the aircraft was just grey. any help or suggestion would be great and any tools to practice to get the skins working properly. Thanks

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