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  1. Alternative Hangar Template for Eagle114th Screen Overhaul

    Alternative .PSD Template for Hangars /  Eagle114th Screen Overhaul (1920x1080)
    This is a Photoshop template for making your own hangars to use with Eagle114th Screen Overhaul
    I really want to keep my aircraft collection sorted, so when i saw Eagle114th's work i decidded to make some changes and include some more info about every aircraft (i keep them separated by country / service branch)
    How to Use:
    This template contains 4 masked Groups, 1 what-if stamp and 1 text layer.
    Drag and drop your aircraft photo inside "Main Photo" Group, then press CONTROL + T to position and scale it inside the viewport, if necessary hide other layers inside this group.
    Select current manufacturer / service branch / flag or drag and drop your inside the relevant  group (note that i've included a few images like Argentine, Brazilian and UK Flag)
    Hide or Show the "What-If" layer (it contains a stamp in the upper right corner, as you can see in some screenshots)
    Use the Text tool on the bottom text and type aircraft name
    Save as .JPG 
    Eagle114 Screen Overhaul  - 
    Gravicon Font (Free Download)
    A HUGE thanks for Eagle114th for making such a wonderful new menus.
    and Wilches for some ideas
    Hope you like it :)


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  2. F-51D FAU Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya

    This is a re-skin of the stock p-51D for the Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya (local name: F-51D)
    Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 1 Israel is required

    this is my first reskin, i hope you like it and score a lot of kills :)

    Model: Original TW P-51D
    Pilot: Pil_kawb (Sorry, i dont know who made this, if somebody knows i will add thank and credit him/her immediately)
    FakePilot - Football Baloon: Walter
    Textures and Decals by me: snowburn (except base texture)

    Thanks to http://www.pilotoviejo.com/ for the reference photos.
    A huge thanks to the SF2 Español community for their help and tutorials.


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