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  1. Great!! thanks for the clarification, i hope his actual and future proyects will be a success.
  2. Sea Power or Task Force Admiral?? im wishlisted both but the first one is the one im more hyped for :)
  3. Skyraider, Migs, Intruders, i think you only need to add flyable Starfighters and Vampires for DLC owners!! your community expansion is getting better every day
  4. sorry, i didn't express myself correctly. i know how to add airbases, targets, and stuff to existing / new maps, but didnt know how to create an airbase from scratch, the 3d part is somehow easy but didnt know how to config the .ini file correctly. i think will look more on the knowledge base and try to change existing ones.
  5. This looks great!!!!!! Any chance to release a video showing how to create an airbase? my 3d skills are limited to basic blender/3ds but i think the modelling part is somehow easy, but i want to see how the .inis are created.
  6. Top quality as always GKABS!!! :) i've a little wishlist to add to your busy schedule but i hope someday you can make some of this models: GAZ Tigr (armed/unarmed) Technicals with mounted manpads Island-class patrol boat
  7. Excelent Work!!! After you finished all blue forces stock aircraft, will it include changes on the Red ones? and will it be flyable using one of the excelent cockpits available on this site?
  8. try here: http://cplengineeringllc_bb.cplengineeringllc.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=112 but be ready to answer a lot of questions, submit a blood sample and worship the almighty capun or suffer eternal torment.
  9. This terrain looks incredible!! Maybe you can include optional files: One to disable using empty files all the vanilla red navy aassets, and another to change the _userlist to Menrva's Soviet/Russian Naval Aviation. (just drop it on the groundobjects folder) Also you can use it to disable some blue side AAA/SAM/Mobile units that shouldn't appear over ukraine (Like Vulcans, Hawk) and add T-62, T-80 and so on to the blue ukranian side.
  10. Im not sure, but maybe its this: No estoy seguro, pero creo que es este:
  11. Only R-60M missiles in stock But IR missiles can be deadly on the right hands It still works.... Damm S-400s im going down with my plane!
  12. YAK-130 Skin Pack part 2 by UllyB 1.0.0

    Excelent work!!!! your skins looks very nice. Just a minor correction, the correct way to translate DONT STEP / NO STEP in spanish is: NO PISAR. NO TE SIENTES means Dont sit on it It must be just like this airbrake on a Mirage Elkan (original image rotated 180 degrees)
  13. Nice!!! Im sure great things will come out from "Coyote Aerospace" I can only help with nice screenshots, but keep up the good work
  14. View File Alternative Hangar Template for Eagle114th Screen Overhaul Alternative .PSD Template for Hangars / Eagle114th Screen Overhaul (1920x1080) This is a Photoshop template for making your own hangars to use with Eagle114th Screen Overhaul I really want to keep my aircraft collection sorted, so when i saw Eagle114th's work i decidded to make some changes and include some more info about every aircraft (i keep them separated by country / service branch) How to Use: This template contains 4 masked Groups, 1 what-if stamp and 1 text layer. Drag and drop your aircraft photo inside "Main Photo" Group, then press CONTROL + T to position and scale it inside the viewport, if necessary hide other layers inside this group. Select current manufacturer / service branch / flag or drag and drop your inside the relevant group (note that i've included a few images like Argentine, Brazilian and UK Flag) Hide or Show the "What-If" layer (it contains a stamp in the upper right corner, as you can see in some screenshots) Use the Text tool on the bottom text and type aircraft name Save as .JPG Requirements: Eagle114 Screen Overhaul - Gravicon Font (Free Download) https://www.fontzillion.com/fonts/tom-c-lai/gravicon-display?utm_source=fontsquirrel.com&utm_medium=matcherator_link&utm_campaign=gravicondisplay Credits: A HUGE thanks for Eagle114th for making such a wonderful new menus. and Wilches for some ideas Hope you like it :) Submitter snowburn Submitted 06/11/2021 Category Hangars  

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