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  1. Sorry to bother you @ravenclaw_007 but are the SAMP bombs ready, i cant find where to download it :) Thanks and keep up your great work
  2. Misc Screenshot over Rio de la Plata. Warcrimes. Gepards are deadly.
  3. More targets <3 Impressive work!!
  4. @Gepard your map is getting better everyday, cant wait to play the latest version :) There are some references points of Buenos Aires, if you have any questions feel free to ask me
  5. Air Combat and Ground Strafe over Isla Martin Garcia
  6. Sorry, i made a mistake In 1981 we get some Roland 1 trailers (not active today) and two years later the roland 2 arrived to the country and continue to be on service. Also, the argentine navy has at least 1 triple tigercat launcher, but cant find info about it.
  7. We have some Roland II Trailers There was a canceled proyect named: TAM VCLM, it was a TAM Chassis with a Roland II turret (it can be found on the SF1 section) And we had Strela 2M, Blowpipe and RBS 70 NG
  8. Thanks Gepard!!! for the uruguayan side you can add Botnia Paperworks, near Fray Bentos and Gualeguaychú on the coast of the Rio Uruguay. this factory caused an international incident and protestors blocked the international bridge for more than 3 years. "Tabaré Vázquez mentioned in October 2011 that he had considered the possibility of an armed conflict with Argentina over the topic, and sought support of the United States (during the presidency of George Bush) in such a case. He had interviews with Condoleezza Rice, and ordered the military commanders to stay ready" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruguay_River_pulp_mill_dispute
  9. i hope they pay a bonus for dangerous work, or inverst in good AAA and SAMS, being bombed isnt nice.
  10. Taking off from Isla Martin Garcia Airport It looks like the offending vessel, let get closer and get visual id. yes, this is the right ship Kono, change your course to 120 degrees and prepare to be boarded. No answer? fire a few warning shots Tower, this is flight 452, the ship is turning back, returning to base, over. Safe Landing :)
  11. im sure i've seen a hot dog stand as ground target on some map
  12. Montevideo need the pseudo AC-47 from Uruguayan Air Force, dont you agree @wilches? FAU 508 with 3 .50 machine guns on the side, the other two where FAU 510 and FAU 514, sadly it was only a test and this configuration only lasted a few days.
  13. Isla Martin Garcia, what an incredible work Gepard!!
  14. too bad the doesnt release the source code, im sure the community can fix a lot of bugs and enable discarded features. maybe some kind of licence that allows him to still make profits from the .lods and art, like FreeSpace Open did.

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