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  1. Iron Warriors - Balkans on Fire

    33Lima I really like both the IL-2 reports and now this T-72 TC reports as IL-2 is one of my favorite flight sims, but this one I'm really looking forward to as I got this game for like 1 buck or so on sale at Steam and want to see how your missions play out!!! I've had it for a while never really dabbled with it as the impatient kid in me always gets games/sims going without reading the instructions, so of course I couldn't even get the tank going forward, until I finally read the instructions and took the hand brake off!!! DUH!!! Either way I'm looking forward to reading more of both IL-2 and T72-TC reports!! Thank you!!
  2. I didn't think my FFB joystick would work in WOV, but it does the only problem is I can't find a way to lower the tension for the x and y axis even after taking the joystick sensitivity down to nil still the stick is stiff and I mean stiff!! I know with other flight sims, I can tone it down by using a FFB editor, but I have to go in, in each game and find the FFB folder............but I can't seem to find this type of folder in WOV? Is there any way I can tone down the FFB in WOV and WOE? Thank you
  3. At 50,000 ft

  4. Alright I gave this one five stars and it deserves every last one of them!! Going into enemy territory the flak is a remarkable sight, going to the target site should be called .....FLAKVILLE!!! Black Flak, Grey Flak, White Flak,HELL..... LOTSA FLAK!!!!! Then if you get past the flak you got the triple AAA's to contend with, all over shoot'in purple tracers (this is the ONLY thing I don't like is the color of the AAA tracers)then after the flak comes the SAMS!! Finally if you get through all of that got enemy Mig 17's, Mig 21's!! This add-on package ROCKS, you just have to have a pretty good rig IMO, cuz just the flak alone will SLOW down FPS and if you don't have a good rig......well.....you will have a slide show!! All in all highly recommend this add-on..... HIGHLY!!!!
  5. SF1_F/A-24_BLK20

    This aircraft is absolutely Brilliant!!!!
  6. Really like this sound pack!!!

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