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  1. Buccaneer Mk50 SAAF for SF2

  2. Hey guys. Can somebody please help with these problems? EOGB's dont guide! Even locked on they undershoot or overshoot by miles. Is it possible to change the hud of a particular aircraft? Maybe swop it out with a other aircraft? I worked on the real cheetah-c for years and its my favourite plane but the hud really dissapoints! Weapons dissapear from aircraft loadout after installing last patch. After having eogbs on the cheetah (modified data ini) they have now dissappeard from my loadout even after adding them again with weapon editor. Thanx in advance darkknight505.
  3. Thanx guys. Problem sorted itself out without even doing anything like that. I updated the weapon range terrain with the new file and then i noticed my joystick buttons were not working as mapped. After a quick check and remapping everything now working as it should. Great to have the buccaneer bombbay working. But now a new problem. All my guided bombs have dissapeared from my aircraft configs. Everthing setup as before with aircraft data ini's correct. Weapon editor shows them there withcorrect country and year! Any ideas? Maybe im'e missing an update?
  4. Hey there. Is anybody having issues with keyboard and joystick button mapping? The key map in the sim has quite a few wrong control key combos. Example. my bombay key (default) fires/drops bombs,missiles and my next radar target jettisons the weapons! Any body else have this problem. Copmplete merged Sf2 with exp 1 and 2 installed. I have tried remapping controls to no availe. Any ideas? thanx.

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