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  1. i think he's prior enlisted usmc then turned officer usaf flies 16s if I gather correctly he's pretty mum though usually someone correct me if I'm wrong here
  2. MM - You ought to start up a for-pay site. Its obvious some people think very little of tossing out disrespectful comments. All that does is alienate you from the community and consequently making you not want to have anything to do with the community in general. Then we get ticked because yet another driver becomes disinterested from engaging the community in discussion that we like. Perhaps the community needs a little bit of incentive. Like, oh say, if they misbehave, they get banished. And how to make sure someone who gets banished stays banished? Make people pay for access to your forums and track their credit card numbers. People subscribe, when they mouth off (which they won't do because of the system), they're banned. For good. People are highly incentivized to behave because there is a financial investment in it. And - you get that elusive paycheck. Which you deserve. Alot of former military types become consultants - for pay. Why should we get to benefit from your experience and knowledge? There are people who, for whatever reason, don't highly value your input. Fine. They don't have to pay to join. Those of us who do value your input, we can benefit by paying to play - just like everything else in life. Hey, what a concept. Yeah - probably won't happen tomorrow. Probably a long term idea. But what the heck. And, if you only charged $3 a month, I'd bet you'd probably get 50 to 250 people to sign up. Its better than a stick in the eye, eh? Just think about it.
  3. Would you be so kind as to keep us appraised of your ongoing efforts elsewhere? You're quite informative, I always seem to pick up something new about aviation whenever you post. If you're doing articles, write-ups or reviews for other sims, would you post it here so we could follow your work? Thx! :)
  4. You're right - really looks good! Would be nice to see more variations of that theme... ;)
  5. Boy, somebody's really thought this through, haven't they? :D

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