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  1. Flanders

    very nice ! is this one still only out there for a few testers or publicly available yet? regards, Ron
  2. New Industrial Objects

    this is really really cool to watch develop ! thanks for posting! regards, Ron
  3. help me fix my aviatiks please!?!

    ok, it took me a while ... but i think i nearly have all my aviatiks sorted now such beautiful work guys! thanks! on the 'early' with wing mount gun, i cannot get the gun to fire with my 'fire main weapon' button? any idea what i might need to fix? cheers, Ron
  4. hi all, i would like to learn how to 'build' my own airfield / place some of the wonderful ground objects you chaps have made available ... but i have no idea how to begin or what items and programs i might need can someone point me to some resources or provide some assistance much appreciated, regards, Ron
  5. help me fix my aviatiks please!?!

    excellent guys! thanks for the directions - all 3 variants now flying :) one was misnamed and two were missing a bunch of the lod files ... somehow i really gibbled that up! now i have to go try and load up all the awesome skins from quacks packages and apply steven's patches too ... hope i don't mess things up again!!
  6. help me fix my aviatiks please!?!

    thanks very much for the direction guys - i will take another look tonight i have the downloads and did try and replace them last night but that didn't seem to work i believe the planes were showing up in the list (can it only show a max of 14 planes or so, or will it scroll through more if i have more installed)? i was putting all these files in the saved games (or as i call it 'mods' folders) - is that correct, i think so? we'll get it sorted :) regards, Ron
  7. hi all, been quite some time since i have flown fe2 but now back at it my favorite planes were the aviatik d1s ... i had downloaded and enjoyed the first versions and then downloaded the 'flik' versions i tried to add a new nation (something to do with adjusting an ini file if i recall) but ever since when i chose one of those planes to fly and game starts, the plane does not show up or is invisible clearly i have gibbled something and need to correct it? can anyone suggest where i might start to do so? i am thinking first i start by removing anything related to the aviatiks from my various fe2 folders??? regards, Ron
  8. Storm Over The Sahara

    might there be the occasional oasis ??!? and were there camels?? or am i in the wrong desert? this will all be really cool! do i need to purchase something other than fe2 to be able to fly as it progresses? really lovely work and the way you group it all together with such character is superb! regards, Ron
  9. hi guys, its been quite some time but i am back into fe2!! yay!! really rusty since i last gave it a try and trying to remember the bits i had learned how to handle way back when quack - is this new verdun terrain the one where you were going to place all of geezers wonderful ww1 airfield objects and people?? i was so excited to see the starts of that when i was last following and am hopeful they have now been put into the 'world'?? if so, i would also love to try a copy of your new Verdun terrain!! if that is ok? i am sure i will have plenty of questions on the forum here again, but looking forward to getting back into this and maybe helping out some in near future as i learn more too regards, Ron ooops sorry quack - i didn't read fully in my excitement ... i will wait until its ready! but please tell me more about it! Ron
  10. sorry i found the soundlis ini and the weapons data one too regards, Ron
  11. allright - getting the hang of the extractor - have the nations.ini working now with the austria listing and decals showing correctly another question ... where do i find the sounds ini and weaponsdata (still trying to sort some of the loadouts like the morane n streamer) thanks, Ron
  12. ok thanks wrench - i downloaded the march one - maybe it will work? next dumb question ... how do i use it to view missiondata001.cat .. is it pretty straightforward? cheers, Ron (oh and i see on your link there is a weapons editor and another editor for first eagles .. what are those for ? .. do i need one to show the flight leader streamers on the morane bullet? i can't get those to show up)
  13. thanks wrench, as i am new to all of this ... i am going to guess ... do i need to download some special tool to open and edit 'cat' dat files?
  14. Hi Quack, yes i think i got those from your other downloads packs (part 1 or part 2 for the aviatiks) i think my problem is that i don't know what numbers to rename the 40, 41 and 42 to, and the respective decals names to correspond i cannot figure out how many nations i already have as i cannot find an original or initial ini file for nations to see the total?? does that make sense? oh, and did anyone ever do a nicer hi res cockpit of the aviatik? the original is nice but doesn't seem as detailed w textures as some? regards, Ron
  15. ok, messing a bit more - can now fly all the aviatiks with different camos but still need to figure out how to correct the nations ini to add in austria2 and number the decals as well to corresponding identities regards, Ron

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