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  1. Getting Started

    Thanks for the info VonS. Sky High, Thanks for the suggestion. I don't suppose they were ever done on disc were they? At my download speeds they'd take absolutely yonks to get.
  2. Getting Started

    Thanks for the quick reply, VonS. Do I take it that any info about such things that applies to FE2 also applies to FE? I only have vanilla FE, I've tried tofind copies of FE Gold and FE2 but no luck yet. It does seem odd that the other planes in my flight don't auto attack/bomb ground targets when the mission is to bomb ground targets. I can understand it if I was bombing stuff that ain't the official target, the game (and thus the pilots) wouldn't know what the ruddy blink I was doing.
  3. Getting Started

    Thanks for the new info VonS. I don't think I could cope with even harder fm's than the present hard fm's. Surely with air traffic on "Heavy" there should be at least a couple of enemy planes during single missions, even if I don't get to fight them? I've been using the single missions to try out a couple of things, mainly learning how to bomb things. What I don't get is even though the game is now pointing out the enemy warehouse (which took me a long time to realise wasn't on the airfield, as for some reason I wasn't getting the target indication, so I had to guess), and I'm bombing it, no other planes in my flight are doing so even though they all have bombs in the Loadout screen. How do I get them to bomb the warehouse? I can hit the ruddy thing 2 or 3 times in a mission, but they all just fly about.
  4. I've not voted as I only have two (OFF3+HITR+OFFice and FE), and I'm playing both of them at present, but both have things I don't like about them. Dislikes: OFF3+HITR: Takes a while to load and I'm dying every 2 minutes even on "Medium", and the inflight map is abysmal. The lighting seems rather dark, on 2 missions I was practically flying blind. OFF3+HITR+OFFice: Takes just as long to load but having to faff about in OFFice first, with all the "Encounters" (though they can be avoided) and then pressing "Play" which then lauches OFF3, flying once and then quitting and re-starting OFFice and reporting to the adjutant etc. It's beginning to get on my nerves. No "Mouse Look". FE: Only 3 flyable planes and limited to a short time for campaigns. For me, very hard to mod (only 2 braincells, you see). No "zoom to next waypoint/action point" option. No "Top Hat look". Likes: OFF3+HITR: More flyable planes than FE. Far, Far, Far easier to mod than FE. "Zoom to next waypoint/action point" option. OFF3+HITR+OFFice: At the minute I can't really think of anything "Extra" that I think is good, though the SE5A now has the "tube thing" for the pilot to aim through whereas it was previously just a cross in a circle. FE: Launches pretty quick. The Lighting seems to be better than OFF3, I ain't dying every 2 minutes.
  5. Getting Started

    Thanks for the reply and the info VonS. I've patched the game with the last patch/update. It's a nice touch that we can see the bulllet cases from the SE5A's Lewis gun being ejected. There do seem to be less indication of planes and objects on the flight map though, and there do seem to be fewer enemy planes about- I can spend quite a while attacking the flak guns over German airfields and no German planes show up. So I need to Download all the planes mentioned in th Armchair Aces Redux readme and they all come with peter01's FM's but His and yours should be flown on "Hard". Got it. Hmm, does that mean I can't fly Armchair Aces redux on "Medium"? Do your FM's make flying the planes a bit harder than the "Hard" setting, due to better accuracy?
  6. Getting Started

    Thanks for the repy and info, VonS. The patches I want are for the first FE, but one patch is called "FE Patch 2" in the mods list. For some reason I didn't notice that in Brackets it has "v 02.19.07" after that If I've understood you correctly the "Patches" are different from the "Updates", so I don't need "FE Patch 2 (v02.19.07)", I just need the apr2008 patch (as it's called in the Patches List, although after download it calls itself FE_apr2008_Update), then apply both oct. and nov 2008 Updates? Also, if I want to use any Armchair Aces thing I have to download each individual plane and your FM pack (as it would mean less downloading of undividual flight models) and install them separately? While I would like one of the WOFF games my pc has XP and I can't really afford to buy win7 and possibly get a new cpu and graphic card (I have a core2duo E8500 and nVidia GT640 1gb-which is a half-height low energy thing which works well for what I need).
  7. Thanks foir the reply, VonS. I was trying to do what you said, but I must be doing something wrong.
  8. Getting Started

    Thanks for the reply rwatson. I'm mainly looking to add pacthes/updates to and expand First Eagles (1) as I'd like to add more years, more planes and more missions/campaigns. I'd also like to add better in flight maps to Over Flanders Fields Between heaven and Hell (with Hat In The Ring), as at present they are poop. I'd always been under the impression that OFF3 had more Years in it but I can only get to 1917 and 1918.
  9. Getting Started

    Hello all, I was wondering if there's a place here with simple instructions on how to install mods, bearing in mind I only have two braincells? I have played heavliy modded games in the past (Fallout 3 and System Shock 2) but they were easy to mod and Fallout3 had a mod enabler thingy. Does Armchair Aces Redux 1.5 contain all of the planes and other stuff from the individual Armchair Aces mods? I read the Readme but it says "Well You'll need all these planes plus the peter01 FMs for them..." Which makes me think not. EDIT: I've just found "FE patch 2", "FE_Apr 2008_Update", "FE_Update_Oct2008b" and "FE_Update_Nov2008". I see in the blurb for FE_APR2008_Update it says "Earlier patches do not need to be applied.." . I take it that means I don't need FE Patch 2? Are the "Updates" the same as "Patches" and if I have FE Update Nov2008 I don't need any earlier patches or updates? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. The future of First Eagles

    Ooops, I forgot that any "OFF" and any WOFF" are different games! I previously found FE a bit too easy, as I was getting 4 or 5 kills each time, but now I've found some of the difficulty settings and while I'm not yet good enough to work with the "Hard" flight model I am using the the guns on "Hard" which means I'm getitng far fewer kills so it's more of a challenge. Another challenge is getting the mods to work. I'm probably not installing them correctly as when I have them "installed" the game quits to the desktop. I don't suppose there's an "easy mod installer" thing for FE?
  11. Oh, yes. I'm aware of that, Geezer. I just hope that, IF I can manage to install them their aim ain't too good. I get the impression from trying to install other bits and pieces, such as Armchair Aces Redux 5.1", that I'm doing something wrong as any option to choose a faction doesn't appear and the game quites to desktop when I try launch it for a single mission. I can play the game after re-installing and not adding anything though. I thought that by unzipping any mod and then opening the main folder and then saving the inner folders to the main folders of the same name that contained the smaller folders, the game would be able to see them and use them as if they'd always been there, eg "Ground objects" in the mod would go in the "Ground objects" of the game installation and "Ta Daa!". That idea seems to be wrong. Or something.
  12. Isn't OFF/BH&H completely different from WOFF? If so, shouldn't OFF install in a different folder even if it's on the same drive as WOFF? I'm only guessing though.
  13. Sorry, I'd completely forgotten that any "OFF" is different from any "WOFF"!
  14. I'm still here, sort of. I haven't been on for a few years, but now that I've got a joystick (a Saitek Evo, though it turns out that even though it's visually identical to the force-feedback saitek evo joystick I had some years ago, it ain't FF), I've started playing "Over Flanders Fields Between Heavn and Hell". I've no idea if that's Original OFF, OFF 2, OFF3 or WOFF or if OFF3 is WOFF, all I do know is that I've got "OFF BHaH". I've also got the "Hat in the Ring" expansion pack and OFFice, both on discs, supplied by a member of (I think) another forum. I'm not even sure I've installed "OFFice" correctly, as I've not seen any screencaps of it, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to do anyway.
  15. Thanks Geezer, I've just D/l'd this now, as if I don't already have enough trouble surviving. Anyway, I hope it's easy to install as I only have 3 braincells.

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