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  1. The tactical display is quite different on WOFF so I am seeking some input on its interpretation. This is especially true with the two or three rectangular boxes and what they represent. Is there some site where I could learn about this? I have only the download at this point but have ordered the DVD so I am hoping it will contain a manual that gives some guidance on settings and other things about the interesting flight simulation. Thanks for any help. Jim
  2. Well I guess I am the junior member of the over 70 group since Hauksbee has me trumped by a year and we both trail Hood at 90. Oh well 73 is not bad since the good Lord has given me good health and only minor physical problems. Really looking forward to the release of the update which sounds like it might be soon.
  3. Cliffs of Dover

    Thanks for the review JediMaster. And most importantly for me it has to be run with STEAM and its requirements. Now I don't feel bad at all about passing on spending money and time for CLoD. I am sorry to say but I get the feeling that Battle for Moscow or whatever may be just a ploy to get more cash for a company whose products and policies are on a downward slide.
  4. And most importantly for me it has to be run with STEAM and its requirements. Thanks for the review. Now I don't feel at all bad about passing on spending money and time for CLoD. I am sorry to say but I get the feeling that Battle for Moscow or whatever may be just a ploy to get more cash for a company whose products and policies are on a downward slide.
  5. I was reinstalling OFF and now when I start the program I receive a message about the program not being able to start due to a missing "msstdfmt.dll" file. I have not removed or changed any other files so I am a little puzzled by this message. I did install a good backup copy (Cut & Paste) over the one that seemed to be having problems thinking any corrupted files would be over written by the good copy. Is this the problem and should I have deleted the original and then done the Cut and Paste? IL2FB 1946, Flight Sim 2004, Battle of Britain II, Rise of Flight and others seem to have no problem running. What are the suggested solutions for this problem? Thanks, Tuba2
  6. Thanks for the repost Olham. I will give it a try and expect to see the improvements you have built in.
  7. Looking through posts looking for Olham's TrackIR5 I see I never said "Thanks" for the help/reply BirdDog. "Thanks for the help!!" All three devices are back to working order and I am waiting for the new edition of OFF.
  8. OT: 2012 Is The Year I Do It

    It is great to read so many success stories here. Congrats to you all and keep up the good fight. I am lucky like Olham having never started smoking since I lost my father and father-in-law to smoking cancer. The drinking has always been in moderation so I am free to enjoy an occasional wine or beer with meals. I have been doing better exercising the past three years but the weight has been slowly increasing. I try to convince my wife it is all muscle mass. It doesn't work she just looks at me and laughs but I am in much better health. Now if the new update would just arrive while I am still on the green side of the grass I would be an even happier man. I know only two weeks.
  9. Well I am blind or dense. Is the "If you like, extract it and try it out." still with this post? I would really like to try Olham's revised TrackIR5 profile but don't seem to find a point to click so I can download it.
  10. I am just wondering if anyone has tried this simulation. Doing a search for reviews seems only to bring up page after page of reviews only from the VirtualPilot3D company. That just makes me more than just a little worried about the value of the program.
  11. I have a HOTAS problem where two of the CH Fighter Stick, Pro Throttle and Pro pedals combination will work but not the third. All three are recognized with sound when plugged into the USB plugs and all three show in Device Manager. However, only two of the three functions in flight simulations and there is no response from the non-functioning device when trying to calibrate or program using CH Control Manager V4.52. Each controller works correctly if I switch out a working with a non-working controller. Therfore I assume one of the USB ports is not working. However, checking each of the ports in Device Manager reports they are all functioning correctly. Is there another method for checking if a USB port is non-functional or some other thing I might try to solve this problem? I should mention that all three controllers could be used at the same time until about three weeks ago. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. CFS3 expansion Mediterranean Air War

    I am in the process of downloading MAW from http://combatace.com/topic/57025-cfs3-expansion-mediterranean-air-war/ . I cannot say anything about corruption of files since it is still downloading. However, I would think that it is a reliable site.
  13. Have a good and safe trip and vacation Olham.
  14. Polovski, Your advice is great. The F Mode key had been pushed on the keyboard. Thanks for the help since this is the second time this has happened to me in Hat In The Ring.
  15. I am reading that the "Lou's suggesting config settings" are the thing to use. However, I don't seem to be able to find that post using "search". Would someone be kind enough to point me to this information? Thank, Jim

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