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  1. I'll give it a go, thank you very much @JSF_Aggie
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to Strike Fighters 2 mission making and just getting the hang of the game itself. I own a simple laptop, core i3 7th gen with an Intel HD 620 gpu. Yes I know, not the most amazing system, however SF2 runs considerably well on this system, considering my limits I'm overall quite happy. So I recently downloaded the AV8B NA mod for SF2 (I have all DLCs, running on the original game .exe) and I was editing a strike mission when I realised I couldn't relocate its home base to the *LHA ship. Is there any way round this? Appreciate the help, thanks. *EDIT: The TARAWA CLASS AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT SHIP.
  3. Ah, here's me thinking it's all included. Ops! Thanks!
  4. All versions (E blk I+II and F blk I+II). Checking again, I don't get any bombs/GBUs and general Air to Ground missiles either.
  5. EricJ, I did the update you uploaded and it works. Thanks! Just a heads up: for the F BLOCK II there is an error in FA-18F_BlkII.ini file - it should be AircraftDataFile=FA-18F_DATA.ini and not AircraftDataFile=FA-18F_BlkII.ini as originally written. For the latter, the craft does not show on the selection menu when creating a mission (I'm no programmer but I'm assuming it loads the wrong data?) Also, I'm sorry to bother you for something else however it seems I cannot get AIM-120s on my loadouts. In fact the only air-to-airs available are AIM-9Ms and Ls. Any idea why?
  6. I already have the July 2013 version, yet I can't seem to load guns. If you look at the picture attached, my Gun is set to 0 on my left MFD. Why is that? P.S. I have your addon installed including the INI update you posted later.
  7. EricJ, I downloaded your mod and it's fantastic. However I can't seem to get guns working. Any reason why?
  8. Super Hornet Package for SF2 v4.1

    Does anyone know how to activate guns?

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