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  1. File Name: lomac_fc_layout_A4 File Submitter: ckount File Submitted: 9 Jul 2005 File Updated: 12 Jul 2005 File Category: LOMAC Misc. Files Lomac: Flaming Cliffs keycard (Swedish keyboard, A4) Enjoy! PM me with any suggestions and corrections. Click here to download this file
  2. Imperial units are feet and knots while metric are meters and kilometers per hour. This effects what measuring units are used in HUDs and on maps.
  3. lomac_fc_layout_A4



    Lomac: Flaming Cliffs keycard (Swedish keyboard, A4) Enjoy! PM me with any suggestions and corrections.
  4. I've updated the LOMAC keyboard layout with the changes made in v1.02. Any changes and suggestions are welcome. If you want to have a go at editing it yourself download the Indesign CS file here. lomac_keyboard_layout_swe.pdf
  5. Glad to see that so many have downloaded the updated file :) Does anyone have suggestions for improvements? Unfortunately I haven't been able to fly as much as I'ld like. I have to wait till I get an ATI card ;) I reckon it'll be with LOMAC for me, as it was with Falcon 4 - my computers where able to handle the stress three or four years after the sim was released ;) -- Splash one for me :) //t
  6. Here's a keyboard layout for 1.01 but according to the 1.02 word file there were only a handfull changes, so if you got Acrobat Pro you can change the text for the updated ones. I created the original in Indesign so if anybody wants that file, just message me. //t lomac_a4.pdf
  7. Electric Shock

    No sparks, but a flash and a boom :)
  8. check sticky thread in forum home called 'get your keycard here' - it's not a listing, but i've made a keyboard layout from the available lists. also - if you have acrobat pro you can extract all text from pdf files, eg from the downloadable key listing files.
  9. the copy protection prevents you from having nero installed (doh) or rather nero disk image emulator. you cant have either daemon tools or alcohol installed. till i found out about nero i had the same problem. this is not dynamic eagle's fault i think - it has to be the distributors who chose the wrong copy protection scheme. so - remove nero, alcohol and d-tools (you can probably add nero w/o image emulation) and it should work.
  10. Same file but with A4 proportions. A4 version: lomac_a4.pdf
  11. This is an updated version of my key command layout for LOMAC. Besides updating some key commands I've also added RWR symbols for easy access. Suggestions of improvements are welcome. US letter version: lomac_us_letter.pdf
  12. I tried it before I posted it - saved it in Acrobat 4 format and works great in Acrobat Reader 6. In what way doesn't it work? Give me a hint and let's see if I can fix it. I made it as I missed a real key command card since Flanker, which also only came with a listing. Splash one for me ;)
  13. That's not what I call a keycard. I'll attach one that looks like a keyboard, and not merely lists functions. Made for Swedish keyboards (but should work with English and international keyboards as well). If someone is up to it - import pdf-file in Illustrator and modify to you heart's content. Really looking forward to the game coming to Europe. Updated the Keyboard layout with color coding for easier access, and also found some more commands not listed in UBI's pdf files attached above. Also added the LOMAC logo so we all can keep our simulator key cards apart ;) Still Swedish keyboard layout though - we have those wierd letters with dots and rings over the a's and the o's. The layout should still work fairly well for english keyboards, as I have place the commands at the corresponding places. Note to creators of LOMAC: You are more than welcome to use my file as basis for a keyboard layout file ;) lomac_keyboard_layout_swe.pdf

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