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  1. Vought F-118 Raider - United States Air Force Pack

    Seriously, though, the YA-7F if awesome, and this is the closest thing to that I've seen. It's conceivable that LTV took the experience they gained from the YA-7F program and applied it to the F-8 Crusader and LWF program. This thing also flied fantastically. My only complaint is the lack of the IRST system, which LTV had some experience with, from the F-8E onwards. I think that, considering the limited performance of the original APG-66, an IRST system could be seen as a significant advantage in a dogfight.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm a bit of a newcomer here, but I'm loving the SF2 series. I've downloaded quite a few of the aircraft here, particularly American aircraft. SF2 is definetly not my first sim/sim-lite (I started off with X-Plane 8.5ish, and wrote a decoupled flight control system based on the AFTI/F-16 program for X-Plane 10), and I was hoping to replicate some more advanced aircraft radars, like the Raytheon APG-63(V)2/3, APG-70, or APG-79, or the fabled and somewhat fictional Tomcat AESA, conjectured for the F-14E Super-Tomcat 21/ASF-14 programs. Unfortunately, there is no guide to the variable names in either the [RadarData] block of <aircraft>_avionics or [DetectSystem] block of <aircraft>_data mean and do. My thinking in creating this thread is to change that, to create a resource on the detection systems, mostly radar, that can be quickly and easily referenced. I'm going to put the 's [RadarData] and [DetectSystem] blocks below to help with this. [DetectSystem] Radar Type: AIR_INTERCEPT A fighter radar capable of searching for, tracking, and guiding air-to-air missiles. Probably. NAV/ATTACK A navigation/attack radar like the H2X/APS-15 of WWII fame. It will hopefully show you a reasonably detailed map of where you are, highlighting notable features like cities and bodies of water. [RadarData] Modes: SEARCH Volume search: Scans the maximum azimuth probably in a fairly small angle of elevation. TWS Track While Scan: Simultaneously tracks targets and scans for more. Often scans a smaller volume. STT Single Target Track: Tracks a single target. Largely superseded by TWS. ACM Air Combat Mode (possibly "boresight"): Vertically scans along the boresight and automatically locks onto a target. Useful in knife-fight situations. TV TV (optical scanner -- TV/IR guided weapons): An electro-optical visual or infra-red camera; not IRIST GM GM (in SF2, Ground Map - in sf1, was Ground_Map: Ground-mapping radar, often for navigation. [DetectSystem] ReferenceName=AN/APG-71 <Clearly the name of the radar, but does it have any outside meaning?> RadarType=AIR_INTERCEPT <What are the other types of radar?> RadarFamilyName=F-14 <What does this do?> RangeUnit=NM RadarAzimuthLimit=85 <Degrees from CL?> RadarElevationLimit=55 <Degrees from CL?> RadarSearchTime=1.0 <What does this do?> RadarSearchRange=230 <Nautical miles, I presume. I think there is a thread that states that this is for detecting a 10m^2 target> RadarSearchStrength=230 <Is this an actual unit, or a relative thing?> RadarTrackRange=230 <I presume this is the max targeting range in nautical miles> RadarTrackStrength=230 < RadarTrackTime=2.0 <Lockup time?> DopplerLookdown=TRUE <Look-down shoot-down capability, methinks> VisualBlindArc=5,6,7 <Probably cockpit view. May be for AI use.> VisualRestrictedArc=4L,8L <What does this do?> MaxVisibleDistance=8400.0 RadarSearchFreq=9.8 <What flavor of hertz is this in? The APG-71 is a I/J band radar, or X-band depending on which system you use, which is 8.0-12.0 GHz> RadarTrackFreq=9.8 <See above> RadarMissileGuidanceFreq=6.2 <See above> RadarSearchCW=FALSE <Continuous wave?> RadarTrackCW=FALSE <Continuous wave?> RadarMissileGuidanceCW=TRUE <Continuous wave?> BaseRCSModifier=0.9 <I presume that this is for the aircraft> ReferenceName=AN/ALR-67 "COMPASS GO" 0.5-20 GHz <RWR system> HasRWR=TRUE <Boolean to determine existence of RWR> RWRMinFreq=0.5 <Min RWR detection freq.> RWRMaxFreq=20.0 <Max RWR detection freq.> RWRCanDetectCW=TRUE <Can RWR detect continuous wave> [RadarData] AvailableModes=SEARCH,TWS,STT,ACM,TV <Radar modes. Need to determine all possible modes> RangeUnit=NM <Somewhat self explanatory. Nautical miles> RangeSetting[1]=5 RangeSetting[2]=10 RangeSetting[3]=20 RangeSetting[4]=50 RangeSetting[5]=100 RangeSetting[6]=230 RangeSetting[7]=400 <Is there a maximum number of settings?> RadarPosition= <What does this do?> MaxElevationAngle= 60 <Presumably up from the aircraft CL> MinElevationAngle=-60 <Presumably down from the aircraft CL> MaxAzimuthAngle=85 <Presumably off CL> MinAltitude=15.0 <Meters?> MaxAltitude=24384.0 <Meters?> BoresightElevation=0.0 <Relative to Aircraft C/L?> BoresightAzimuth=0.0 <Relative to Aircraft C/L?> MinReturn=0.01 <I think this is minimum return to be detected in m^2, but it could easily also be in db or something> MinimumSpeed=32.41 <Speed gate, need to determine unit> SearchRange=230 <Nautical miles> SearchStrength=200 <Unit?> TrackRange=230 <Nautical Miles?> TrackStrength=200 <Unit?> TWSUpdateTime=2.0 <Unit? Seconds seems rather slow.> AcquisitionSymbolSpeed=1.0 <I think this is how fast the little cursor on the radar screen moves> AcquisitionResetPosX=0.5 <default cursor position> AcquisitionResetPosY=0.2 <ditto as above> AcquisitionResetTime=5.0 <I think this is how long the cursor remains idle before resetting to the default pos.> DisplayLimitLeft=10 <display size?> DisplayLimitRight=240 <As above> DisplayLimitTop=10 <As above> DisplayLimitBottom=240 <As above> StartRangeSetting=4 <default range setting> [RadarDisplaySearch] RangeSetting=1,2,3,4,5,6,7 <Allowed range settings in search mode> BarElevation[1]=1.50 <Elevation bar scanned in order> BarElevation[2]=-0.50 <As above> BarElevation[3]=0.50 <As above> BarElevation[4]=-1.50 <As above> ScanRate=120 <Scan rate in deg/sec?> ScanBeamAngle=2.5 <Beam width in degrees?> ScanArc=65 <angle scanned in degrees?> PPI=TRUE <Radar has plan position indicator> Symbol[01]=HorizonLine <Art. Horizon> Symbol[02]=RangeScaleText <Range scale> Symbol[03]=ElevationCaret <Elevation scan location> Symbol[04]=AzimuthCaret <Azi. scan location> Symbol[05]=AcquisitionSymbol <Target acquired> Symbol[06]=TargetSearch <Dunno> Symbol[07]=MissileSelect <Missile type selected?> Symbol[08]=RadarModeSRC <Dunno> Symbol[09]=TargetBearing <Relative bearing to target> Symbol[10]=TargetClosure <Closure rate> Symbol[11]=HomePlate <Home base?> [RadarDisplayTWS] RangeSetting=1,2,3,4,5,6,7 BarElevation[1]=0.75 BarElevation[2]=-0.75 ScanRate=120 ScanBeamAngle=2.5 ScanArc=60 PPI=TRUE Symbol[01]=HorizonLine Symbol[02]=RangeScaleText Symbol[03]=ElevationCaret Symbol[04]=AzimuthCaret Symbol[05]=TargetTWS Symbol[06]=TargetAspect Symbol[07]=TargetHeading Symbol[08]=TargetTAS Symbol[09]=TargetClosure Symbol[10]=TargetRange Symbol[11]=TargetAltitude Symbol[12]=AimDot <aiming dot> Symbol[13]=MissileSelect <Missile selected> Symbol[14]=ShootCueTWS <Shoot cue> Symbol[15]=BreakX <min range cue> Symbol[16]=TargetRangeCaret Symbol[17]=RMinCaret Symbol[18]=RMaxCaret Symbol[19]=AcquisitionSymbol Symbol[20]=TargetPDT Symbol[21]=RadarModeTWS Symbol[22]=TargetBearing Symbol[23]=HomePlate [RadarDisplaySTT] RangeSetting=1,2,3,4,5,6 ScanRate=120 ScanBeamAngle=2.5 ScanArc=20 PPI=TRUE Symbol[01]=HorizonLine Symbol[02]=RangeScaleText Symbol[03]=ElevationCaret Symbol[04]=AzimuthCaret Symbol[05]=TargetPDT Symbol[06]=TargetAspect Symbol[07]=TargetHeading Symbol[08]=TargetTAS Symbol[09]=TargetClosure Symbol[10]=TargetRange Symbol[11]=TargetAltitude Symbol[12]=AimDot Symbol[13]=MissileSelect Symbol[14]=ShootCueSTT Symbol[15]=BreakX Symbol[16]=TargetRangeCaret Symbol[17]=RMinCaret Symbol[18]=RMaxCaret Symbol[19]=LockLine Symbol[20]=RadarModeSTT Symbol[21]=TargetBearing Symbol[22]=HomePlate [RadarDisplayACM] RangeSetting=1 ScanRate=120 ScanBeamAngle=4.8 ACMMaxPitchAngle=40.0 Symbol[01]=HorizonLine Symbol[02]=RangeScaleText Symbol[03]=ElevationCaretACM Symbol[04]=LockLine Symbol[05]=RadarModeACM Symbol[06]=HomePlate Symbol[07]=MissileSelect Symbol[08]=ShootCueSTT //[RadarDisplayGM] //PPI=TRUE //RangeSetting=1,2,3,4 //ScanRate=110 //MapPPIArc=40 //MapBackgroundLevel=0.2 //MapHighlightLevel=0.8 //MapNoiseLevel=0.1 //GroundSearchStrength=55 //Symbol[01]=RangeScaleText //Symbol[02]=RadarMapModeText //Symbol[03]=ElevationCaret //Symbol[04]=AzimuthCaret //Symbol[05]=RadarModeGM Can you all help me fill in the details?

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