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Vought F-118 Raider - United States Air Force Pack V1.1

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************************ United States Air Force F-118 Pack for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2 ************************


This pack contains several United States Air Force versions of the Vought Raider F-118 - created by Cocas (Daniel) - and it has been tested on a May '13 fully merged install of all 5 games.


***Aircraft can be found under "VOUGHT F-118" in the In-Game Menu***





In 1974 the USAF started the Light Weight Fighter competition for a new light combat Fighter to complement the F-15A Eagle and in this version of History the winner was..........The Vought F-118A Raider.


This pack is designed to roughly mirror the service history of the F-16C/D/I so the design of a Blk30 F-118 is fairly similar to that of a Blk30 F-16 for example although not exactly the same (i.e the cockpits will be different).






Unzip then copy and paste the Effects/Flight/Objects folders into your Mod folder, usually C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 **or whatever yours is called**.






Aircraft Specific Info -



Vought Raider F-118 Block 30/32 ('87 - '01) - With the "A" initially designed as a fighter with a limited Air to Ground capability the USAF modified it into the "C" variant, a capable multi-role aircraft able to dominate the airspace whilst improving the original designs limited Air to Ground capabilities.


Vought Raider F-118 Block 40/42 ('02 - '08) - This upgrade saw everything from the engine to weapons to the avionics all upgraded, especially with the addition of Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT's) to allow the pylons to be fully loaded with the latest smart weapons instead of fuel tanks creating a true multi-role aircraft whilst still allowing it to retain a significant Air to Air capability should the need arise.


Vought Raider F-118 Block 50/52 ('09 - '40) - This massive upgrade once more saw everything uprated, from the engine to the weapons it can carry and, with this version, the avionics were all hugely upgraded, allowing it survive far behind any future enemys lines, a mission for which it was especially designed. In addition to the CFT's fitted on the Block 40/42 there was now a Spine Rack fitted to store all the extra Avionics required to make this the most advanced F-118 in the USAF's inventory.





Issues -



Bonus Skin - In the Blk 50/52 aircraft there's a Greek skin too!

The mapping is "interesting" around the nose with some skin stretching. The USAF Euro skin was really tricky, so much so that I wanted to punch a thousand cute kittens in their cute little faces by the end, after spending hours/days trying to get the edges to match up! So sadly some of it's not as good as I'd like but the PS templates are out to so hopefully you can improve on my skin.


Weapons - PLEASE download Ravenclaw007's weapons packs, they are truely fantastic and include many unique Israeli weapons which haven't been included in this pack.


*******If you find any issues or find that I've got something wrong please contact me on CombatAce - http://combatace.com/user/64030-ianh755/ *******************





Cocas for creating the 3D model and then patiently modifying it everytime I asked for any/every crazy little thing!


Ravenclaw007 for creating the superb F-16 cockpits used here with his kind permission, the Ejection Seats and yet again the stunning weapons he makes and I continue to enjoy using.


RussoUK2004 for the use of his Hawk T1A models Damage DDS files which I used to create the damage DDS files for this pack.


Spillone104 for his Improved Afterburner Effects.


Old Diego (Diego Lozano) for the use of his F-16 Pilot.




Have fun and thanks for Downloading.............................................IanH


What's New in Version V1.1


  • Aircraft Added
  • Credit given to Diego Lozano for his F-16 Pilot
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