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  1. HI, I'm a long time lurker, but haven't made any posting before. I've been studying this topic with interest but I haven't been able to make carriers work the "Old Way" in Nato Fighters 5 install with other ships of the Carrier battle group. I can make it work with the "New way" (NA) or I can make it work the old way (and thus have night missions what was the reason for all this trouble) with only the carrier but with NO ships around. I was ready to accept that the old way means have only carrier with no surrounding battle group ships, but then I've studied eburger68's "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam Air and Ground Expansion Pack" and it does work there: the old way and carrier battle group. This is what I did: In terrains/GermanyCE: 1) GERMANYCE_NATIONS.INI added: ... Location016=North Sea ... FriendlyNation011=USN 2) GERMANYCE_TARGETS.INI added (targets copy/pasted from eburger68's Vietnam terrain _TARGETS.INI changes for 1968): [TargetArea449] Name=NorthSea1 Position=322753.00,797363.00 Radius=16971 ActiveYear=0 Location=16 Alignment=FRIENDLY CarrierStation=TRUE Target[001].Type=USNDestroyer Target[001].Offset=-1500,1750 Target[001].Heading=340 Target[002].Type=USNDestroyer Target[002].Offset=-1500,-1250 Target[002].Heading=320 Target[003].Type=USNTanker Target[003].Offset=2500,1000 Target[003].Heading=325 Target[004].Type=USNTransport Target[004].Offset=3000,-1000 Target[004].Heading=305 Target[005].Type=USNDestroyer Target[005].Offset=6500,1500 Target[005].Heading=335 Target[006].Type=USNDestroyer Target[006].Offset=6500,-1500 Target[006].Heading=315 Target[007].Type=USNTanker Target[007].Offset=10500,1250 Target[007].Heading=315 Target[008].Type=USNTransport Target[008].Offset=11000,-750 Target[008].Heading=295 Target[009].Type=USNDestroyer Target[009].Offset=14500,1750 Target[009].Heading=305 Target[010].Type=USNDestroyer Target[010].Offset=14500,-1250 Target[010].Heading=325 Target[011].Type=SpyTrawler Target[011].Offset=-2500,0 Target[011].Heading=305 In campaigne3 folder: campaigne3_DATA.INI ... NavalCampaign=FALSE ... [AirUnit092] AircraftType=F-8H Squadron=VF24 ForceID=1 Nation=USN BaseArea=NorthSea1 CarrierBased=TRUE CarrierNumber=60 ... [CarrierUnit001] CarrierType=CVA-59 CarrierNumber=60 UnitName=USS Saratoga ForceID=1 Nation=USN BaseArea=NorthSea1 NumSquadron=6 BaseSize=MEDIUM Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=100 As a result, I can fly Navy campaign in F-8 from a carrier, and have night missions, but the carrier isn't surrounded by other carrier battle group ships. What am I doing wrong here? Really appreciate your answers and time, thanks in advance. Paz P.

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