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  1. Ummm...Still having a problem. Now I'm doing another ODS campaign and I have to land on the Roosevelt (CV71) Same problem has returned. I have tried all sorts of things. Nothing works. I have tried to understand your fix. I tried to replace the data ini with yours and rename but that doesn't work. I do not understand LOD files. the collisonmesh calls for CV-63_COL.LOD but this file does not seem to exist??? Also I do not understand why the Roosevelt is in both CV71 and CV-68. At the end of the mission I simply land on the Saratoga instead of the Roosevelt. But I'd rather fix it. I hate broken things. Please help again to explain. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Now that's what I'm talking about. I'm loving the game and loving this forum. Thanks much FRPignon.
  3. Solved partially. The landing deck is now hardened. However, when I try to taxi to the right to park, I fall off the edge as soon as I get off the angled landing deck. Also to be really picky, the area behind the arresting wires are also not hardened. I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much. Would it be too much trouble to ask you to take a quick minute to explain what you did? What was wrong with the original file? I am still in the dark to figure out what was wrong. Also how can I edit the cvn68_data.ini file to make the entire deck hardened. Thank you.
  4. Hi All. First time posting in this forum. I discovered Strike Fighters 2 over a week ago. This is the kind of game I was looking for. I had a love for Strike Commander and F-15 Strike Eagle of eons ago. Anyway enough of introductions. I have a problem. I downloaded Operation Desert Storm for SF2 from the files SF2_ODS_Part1-3. I am able to play the mod except that when I try to land on the carrier decks (any one) the deck is not hardened so the aircraft sinks through the ship and crashes into the ocean. The cats work fine at the start of the mission but the landing is the problem. I have read other posts about this issue but I hate how posts get hijacked (as in the posts goes off on a tangent on how to install the upgrade etc) or people give vague responses such as "seems like a carrier without LODs." Like what on earth does that mean. So can someone in the know please tell me what causes an aircraft carrier's deck to be sink through and not the cats? Also what needs to be done to fix this? I installed the update SF2E_ODS_Update1 but that did not solve the problem. I tried to copy carriers from other mods that had no problems, still same issue. So yes, a clear answer as to what would cause this would be appreciated so I can understand the innards of the game better. Thank you.

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