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  1. It can be problem with StrafeAI. It happens when PullOutAlt is to high and AI is quiting before he start shooting. It's working StrafeAI from Tonka. Try with some values. [StrafeAI] RollInRange=5500.0 RollInAlt=1350 PullOutAlt=80 ReleaseRange=1800.0 SecondPassRange=4500.0 SecondPassAlt=1350 ReleaseCount=0.15 AimPitchOffset=-1.2
  2. Thank you ... very, very, very, very ... etc .. much ;-)))
  3. Riddle ;-)) Who knows what is on these displays ?
  4. New mirrors, clock, indicators and few details ... almost finished canopy .
  5. Flight / HUDData.ini [Debug] DisplayDebug=FALSE change FALSE for TRUE
  6. Agaist ground or air targets ?
  7. Dark Sea Gray / Dark Green templates first look ...
  8. Sukhois

    I didn't know you are doing new Su-22 ;-) Great !! ;-) Maybe this link will be usefull for you : https://gdziewojsko.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/uzbrojenie-polskich-f-16-su-22-i-mig-29/
  9. I'll go crazy 1st before I finish cockpit ;-)
  10. Ofc. 3 more LODs at least ;-) Maybe more .
  11. reworked (I had to do it , too many vertexes) and reskinned engines and airbrakes .

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