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  1. Thanks, I will do It's been a while since I purchased something from TW, could not remember how long it was suppose to take, I'll make some noise :) Thanks, Marc..
  2. Yeah purchased North Atlantic with paypal, didn't get any confirmation email yet with the product, only from paypal for the payment So how long does it usually take? Thanks, Marc..
  3. I know it's been talked about before but we're in 2018, is there hope? Or even Lan and TCP/IP ? Marc..
  4. So I have to create a vietnamSEA folder that will be in User/Marc/saved games/thirdwire/strike fighters 2 vietnam/vietnamSEA ? Marc..
  5. Thanks, weird because I don't see any changes. In the directions there's no mention of "terrains" folder but that's where I found the " vietnamSEA" folder Marc..
  6. Hey guys!! Is this the right directori to install that mod ? User/owner/saved games/thirdwire/strike fighters 2 vietnam/terrains/vietnamSEA Thanks, Marc..
  7. Is there any mod out there that could make it easier to figures this out? Or make it a little more realistic Marc..
  8. Thanks but I should have mention the planing map, it's a lot more then 6 miles Marc..
  9. So I ran out of Sidewinder, I guess there's no way to buy some back if it's not in the inventory! I get it Thanks a bunch guys Marc..

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