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  1. SF2 works perfectly on my Windows 10 1909 PC update, without any problems or bugs. Only Wings Over Europe, Israel, and Vietnan have problems with Windows 10. I think Third Wire should focus on improving cockpit (clickable), and improving flight model. SF2 is one of the best simulators, and with a few adjustments it could get even better.
  2. I think what Strike Fighters 2 lacks is better Track IR support, Cooperative Multiplayer implementation (Falcon BMS and DCS world have it). Another thing would be to improve the building and ground textures (if it could look like Lock On: Modern Air Combat textures) because it has good textures even today. Improvements in some cockpit would also be important, as for air refueling I don't think it's important. Maybe one day all good community-made Mods can be bundled into a single installer as a patch. Strike Fighters 2 has a huge potential for single player campaigns that other simulators don't have, it would look better with cooperative multiplayer missions.
  3. Strike fighters 2 is a good simulator, it has a wide range of fighter planes covering various historical periods. It also has an incredible amount of MODS, which makes the game much better. I think it's graphically much better than Falcon BMS, what SF2 lacks is being put on STEAM and GOG for sale and if it were possible to do just like BMS, partially open code access for the community to improve the game and implement the Multiplayer. The game has great potential because inside it you can simulate an aircraft campaign with Helicopters (community-made mods) like the old EECH (Enemy Engaged), one thing most games don't have.

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