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  1. Yeah me too, I must have bought every flight sim from the C64 to recent computers, somehow I missed Strike fighters 1 and 2 till a couple years ago, or how long I've been on these forums. Nice having mods galore.
  2. Partial Phillipines44 campaign - help!

    Wish I could help, I'd love to have any campaign in WWII , I can never find all the planes that are required.
  3. Waiting to buy or build a new computer, I'd be glad to pay for a "new" game.
  4. F-100

    Thanks for making me cry.
  5. Multiplayer?

    Thanks I think ;) NOT dammit it, just to have a LAN multiplayer would be great.
  6. Anybody working on making the game multiplayer? It would be so awesome to fly with someone else on a campaign.
  7. Thank you Sir, I appreciate it.
  8. Yeah at first the creating, moving between files was confusing when adding new mods, I suppose I need to take the time to really understand how the files work together in the modding section and how the creation of .lods and such works, for now I'm a DOS kinda guy in a WIN7 universe when it comes to programming :)
  9. Worked perfectly for the B model too in Vietnam! Thanks again to all of you. Now I gotta go through all the mods I have and see if they have an A6 in them. I suppose it would take a lot more to actually add A6's to a mod that doesn't have them already incorporated in? I'm still a bit daft as to all the files that would have to be edited ect to incorporate new planes into each mod I feel like.......
  10. Awesome UllyB I'll give it a try! Thank you Sir.
  11. I'm a little confused here, I have several versions in several mods of the A6 in the game menu but none of them have a cockpit except the A6 using the FOTI cockpit. The A6-A is working now, but the B, E ect have no cockpit in the game. Maybe i screwed up pasting all the objects/aircraft folders that were generic to the game in the mods, and those cockpits and planes simply don't exist as flyable?
  12. Thanks guys! Wrench you're the best, my hero. This has been driving me nuts for quite some time. Showing the folder and file save screen did the trick for me. Somehow I missed the directions or misplaced the cockpit folder, it was missing from the A6 folder. Thank you all for the quick responses!
  13. Guys, I've followed all the instructions for installing SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 Gold - Part 1 and the other 3 parts but when I pick the A6 any model for my campaign I have no cockpit, only the nose refueling probe if seen. The outside views looks proper, it flies correctly, just can't see the cockpit I'm sitting in. Any help here? This has been driving me nuts for years. I love the A6 but I can't get it working. I have all the expansions and patches for SF2.
  14. Hey guys, is there a step by step guide to adding planes to a SF2 mod? I want to add some more modern planes to the Falklands mod in a what if scenario. What files need to be edited? TIA
  15. What's strange if I use the F18, I can fly off no problem, just my wingmen fly off and immediately crash and burn. Wouldn't all of us? I don't know squat about LODS or collision, what to look for.

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